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Skincare is never something to be compromised. After all, we’re only given one skin, so why wreck it? One brand which understand this concept is new Novel Skincare, bringing their ethos that a body is a book to be read. They offer a distinctive range of products housed in beautiful refillable books designed to be replenished – making their products an ideal gift. These “refill chapters” are made from powerful and heady natural skin ingredients and pure essential oils, something Novel says links the mind through the body and the skin. 
Novel skincare launchesFounder Nneka Fleming says:

“We are interested in the ways personal care affects us all. From the role it plays in how we start our day and the way we feel about ourselves to the effects it has on our skin and the environment. We are creating skincare and beauty products with this in mind.”

Novel Beauty wants to be part of a culture that thinks about the ordinary differently.”

The brand launched in October and is already garnering a steady following for their three unique sets. These include Poor Man’s Rose, Travel Stories and Autobiography. Each are aimed at a different audience and contain different products ideal for the beholder.
We recently tried out the Novel Skincare “Stream of Consciousnesses” Sugar scrub, part of the Poor Man’s Rose set.

Novel skincare launches

A problem with most scrubs on the market is that they fail to master the balance between oils and salts (or sugar in this case) leaving you with a mixture that is either too grainy or too sloppy and leaves you with too-shiny or flaky skin. I am happy to say however, that this sugar scrub manages to find the perfect balance.

Novel skincare launchesOnce out of the box, the actual jar itself is beautifully presented. A simple monochromatic label exudes the simple connotations of the brand and further emphasises the point that skincare should be simple. The words “For the one thousand and one thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind daily” are inscribed beneath the title and leaves you looking forward to a relaxing shower or bath, which is indeed, where many of us head for half an hour of contemplation in an evening or morning. As soon as you open the scrub, the sweet aromas tingle the nose and I was pleasantly surprised to find it smelt just like Christmas. If you were to mingle together the smell of warm spiced fruits, pine needles and cosy evenings in and pop it in a jar, this would be it. Utterly divine, it’s ideal for the festive season and will make an ideal festive gift.

Novel skincare launchesPriced at £30 for a jar it is not the cheapest scrub on the market, but it does play by the “you get what you pay for.” It glides on smoothly, exfoliating and moisturising at the same time, leaving you with skin that is both rejuvenated and soft, as well as smelling delicious. The main ingredients used are raw cane sugar, Shea butter, Papaya fruit and Grape seed oil. Novel Skincare pride themselves on only using natural ingredients, that means no animal bi-product, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, artificial colours or chemicals and even the jars are made from fully recyclable material. They are also all made in the UK, something which in a time of massive importation and not knowing where our products are originating is a real breath of fresh air.

After sampling this a sneak taster of Novel Skincare, we can’t wait to invest in more of their products and find new ways of reading our body and skin.

You can find out more and purchase the gift sets here and find more about our great beauty finds here



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