from stunning beaches to crystal clear waters, top diving sites to beautiful marine life, we bring you five beautiful locations which promise to offer you the perfect answer to those who want utter luxury, relaxation and indulgence on a holiday of a lifetime. Simply browse through the list for the most beautiful beach holiday destinations you need to visit…

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Beautiful Beaches for you TO RELAX AND UNWIND


For years Tahiti has been the perfect getaway for vacationers in search of a relaxing holiday which goes above and beyond their normal requirements. These incredible islands provide picturesque views across a landscape which captivates tourists to keep on returning year on year out. Dive into the dynamic blue waters and explore marine life that you have never seen before at these stunning beaches.

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If crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches and temperatures of 28C doesn’t make you want to visit Antigua, then a Candle lit dinner for two followed by an evening of dancing on the sand at a luxury resort will. There isn’t much Antigua doesn’t offer when it comes to soaking up the sun and relaxing on a stunning beach holiday. We recommend you visit the beautiful Keyonna Beach Hotel or Cocos Hotel (or split your break and stay at both!) Read our reviews of both below.

Recommended- Keyonna Beach Hotel  & Cocos Hotel 


Hayman Island

 For utter luxury and indulgence with stunning beaches, the Hayman Island is the perfect getaway. It is home to the award winning ‘One and Only’s Resort’ which is known for its world class spa, high quality service and captivating views. Here you are going whisked away to a new level of luxury with the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters that this private island resort offers.

Our recommendation: One and Only’s Resort



Bermuda is famous for its pink sand beaches, turquoise waters and soaring coconut palm. It is a destination for any couple who wants a romantic retreat away, or vacationer who wants to spend their holiday soaking up the sun and relaxing in front of the stunning beach views.

Our recommendation: Fairmont resort Southampton 



Combine luxury, natural beauty and stunning beaches and discover the paradise island known as Bali. Dive down into the depths of the crystal clear waters discovering beautiful marine life or dine under the stars enjoying some delightful cuisine. Bali is a place for romance, beauty and luxury like no other!

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Have you been to any of these islands? let us know your thoughts in the comment box below…


  1. Antigua has been on my wishlist ever since Duran Duran shot their video for ‘Rio’ there. Yep, showing my age lol! Unfortuately I’ve still not got around to going yet!


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