Whilst a package holiday in somewhere like Greece can be good fun, sometimes you want to head somewhere that extra bit special with your other half for a romantic getaway. For candle-lit dinners and moonlit walks along quaint little streets to breathtaking views and secluded beaches, we have just the places for you…

the world has so many romantic destinationS to discover… 

Paris, France

They don’t call it the City of Love for no reason. Go hand in hand and wander along the banks of seine reminiscing of all your fond memories together. Why not try replicating your first kiss while the stars are gazing upon you, under the beautiful Eiffel tower and treat yourselves to a romantic dinner in one of their top restaurants, finishing off your a special evening with a glass of champagne.

Romantic getaway locations


Romance is laid into the sands of Antigua with love and beauty entwined in everything the island has to offer. Watch the sunset whilst relishing in a candlelit dinner for two. Take a boat out and spend the day looking into the crystal clear waters, watching the marine life go by and finish the evening dancing on the sandy beaches to a live band with a BBQ.

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Romantic getaway locations

Santorini, Greece

Nothing is better for a romantic getaway than the Greek Island Santorini. Famous for its stunning landscape, just picture yourself swimming along an infinity pool with your loved one, soaking up the picturesque view before enjoying a candle lit dinner for two, while watching the mighty colours of the sky, crash together creating a beautiful sunset, for you to cheers your glasses to and remember this day forever.

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Romantic getaway locations

New York

The city of New York is one of the most romantic places in the world with a myriad of enchanting things to do. Watch the sunset as your sail around the statue of Liberty, capturing the magnificent views. View the light show that New York has to offer, as you visit the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building. Cuddle up and watch a show at the west end and finish the evening dining at the River Cafe, taking in New York’s breathtaking Scenery.

Romantic getaway locations


Known for its crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches and luxury resorts the Maldives is an alluring romantic getaway haven which offers beauty wherever you look. Perfect for couples and honeymoons this destination is so stunning that even your imagination will not be able to capture the dazzling nature of the island. Treat yourself to a couples massage on the sandy beaches or a candlelit dinner on the beach front. Take a canoe for two and row across the lagoon or go on a moon lit cruise. The passion of this island to bring couples together makes it a romantic love story.

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Romantic getaway locations


Winter in Iceland is a captivating sight of beauty and romance. Imagine visiting the northern lights, standing there and cuddling your partner to one of the most stunning, natural light displays in the world. Heading off to a candle lit dinner in a winter wonderland where snow lays beside you and cuddling up next to a fire with a nice warm drink. Visit the Hot Springs and Waterfall in the national park and carve memories which will last for a lifetime.

Romantic getaway locations

Have you been to one of these romantic getaway destinations? Have you got any that you would add? Comment in the box below as we would love to hear from you…



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