Good Hotel London – a floating Hotel in East  London that truly lives up to its name…

The Setting

East London’s latest floating hotel, Good Hotel London, sparked great curiosity amongst the locals when it arrived here last September. The structure made it’s way across the North Sea and into the Royal Docks (pulled along by tug boats). It will stay anchored in its scenic home for the next five years. Built in 2007 as a prison to hold illegal immigrants the hotel works on a non profit basis but offers premium hospitality.

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Good Hotel London

Does it work! Yes! I spent a night at the Good Hotel London and experienced all the hospitality and service of it’s well trained and well informed staff. The proof that it works is in the pudding. It has opened a second hotel based on the same model in Antigua, Guatemala.

The Mission

Mission Good Hotel London is to train long-term unemployed locals in a variety of jobs in the hospitality industry. A training program named, “Good Training”, once completed qualifies participants to a three-month contract at Good Hotel. Furthermore, it progresses to negotiations in the city’s hotel business on the participant’s behalf. This adds weight and value to those seeking a career in the industry but have been unable to break in to it.

The Rooms

Good Hotel London

Good Hotel London Good Hotel London

Mine was a double deluxe room with waterfront view and has the same minimalist theme that runs throughout the hotel. The crisp cotton sheets were as soft as silk and the down pillows ensured a wonderful night of sleep for me. A cute addition was the complimentary “Worry Doll” from Guatemala, left on my pillow, to carry away worries while I slept. This is an endearing personal touch which connects you to the philosophy of the hotel.


Good Hotel London

Breakfast was included as part of my stay and it was a wonderful array of food to satisfy all the different patrons of Good Hotel London. As I sat down to breakfast, it was obvious that the hotel attracted a wide range of people. There we families on city breaks, couples on romantic weekends and solo travellers as well as business travellers enjoying breakfast.

The buffet style offering served a classic English, continental, yoghurts, a variety of cereals and fruit. I felt it was a huge selection of food for a boutique style hotel.

Roof Terrace Bar

Good Hotel London

Perhaps the icing on the cake at Good Hotel is its roof terrace which serves as a bar and chill out space. The bar opens from 11am until 9.30pm. It serves breakfast juices, healthy kale and pineapple smoothies (simply out of this world!) as well as cocktails and snacks later in the day. A recent addition to the terrace’s itinerary is rooftop yoga which is proving equally popular with guests and locals.

London has seen a wave of roof top bars open up all over the capital recently. East London in particular has still relatively underground, cool spaces pop up which are yet to be overrun by the masses. The roof top at the Good Hotel London however, stands out because of the breath taking view. There is a panoramic view of the Thames and the Royal Dock. The wooden decking against the white furniture simply adds to the atmosphere here. This is an urban oasis in the heart of London. No compromises on quality of service while serving the local community. Oh, and they serve a great cocktail. Only winners here. Be sure to check them out.

Good Hotel London
Royal Victoria Dock, Western Gateway, London E16 1FA


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