The World Modelling Convention aims to change the industry, making a safe and inspiring space for fashion creatives…

The fashion industry can be a bit of a double edged sword. While from the outside it looks all glitz and glam – beautiful clothes, exotic destinations and getting pampered – it also requires a lot of hard work, late nights, early mornings and an even darker side. There are often cases of financial scams and hum trafficking which can threaten models in the industry – and there isn’t enough being done to prevent this. Which is where the World Modelling Convention comes in.

World Modelling Convention

Created by London event organiser Christo Panoff, the World Modelling Convention is a safe and productive environment for creatives to follow their dreams. From the 15th to the 16th of June 2019, the WMC will take place at the Business Design Centre bringing together hundreds of models, fashion designers, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, modelling agencies and advertisers in an entirely new way, all in the heart of London. The venue will be transformed into a magical world for one of the most productive weekends in fashion. If successful, the event will influence the industry and positively impact the lives of the people participating in it.World Modelling Convention

Founder Christo established his own modelling agency over 8 years ago and with this organised hundreds of fashion shows and photoshoots. Over the years he discovered two main problems in the industry. Firstly, organising a photoshoot or a fashion show is very expensive and time-consuming. Secondly, more than half of the girls, interested in modelling, would never enter the industry out of fear of sexual harassment and exploitation. So, he decided to focus on making a change – and this is how the World Modelling Convention was born.

“I have always believed that the best way of making business is by helping others. That way your business will be stable and your customers loyal. That’s why I founded the World Modelling Convention. For 8 years in the modelling industry, I’ve seen many unfair practices and finally, we found a way to change all of it. I consider WMC as a movement, not just an event.”

World Modelling Convention

The issues with model safety sparked up the idea for the WMC at the first place, so naturally great efforts have been put into creating a safe environment for the event. All recruiters such as agencies, casting directors and advertisers will be vetted before getting invited to the event. This means there will be no risk of fake agencies and scammers lurking to take advantage of attendants, making the convention a truly safe experience.
Educational programmes will make sure participants are well-informed on important subjects such as “Human trafficking and sexual exploitation” led by A21 and their director Charlie Blythe; “Financial scams and legal rights” led by lawyers from Briffa Legal; “Safety in modelling” led by Dunja Knezevic. With the knowledge gained from them, participants will be one step ahead of any threats they might face.

There will be over 120 themed decor studios to create the perfect creative playground for models, designers and photographers. Each shoot will be done with a different model, outfit, decor and photographer everyone involved will have the opportunity to create their personal portfolio all in one place. There will also be a catwalk giving models experience and designers the chance to showcase their work, in what would otherwise be a costly and difficult thing to achieve.

More information can be found at
15/06/2019: 08:00 – 20:00
16/06/2019: 09:00 – 17:00
Ticket Prices: £45 – £185



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