Norway is such a beautiful destination and what better way to visit it from the water? Here’s why you need to experience Norway on a cruise…

While vacations used to be about fleeing to a sun-drenched location for a week in an all-inclusive hotel where you didn’t need to do much other than leaving your sunbed to head to the pool and spend evenings watching tacky entertainment, it has now become more than that. More and more are searching for a dose of culture on trips away, shunning traditional packages in Tenerife for chances to experience new places, revel in new cities, taste new foods and make new memories. And one such way that has opened our eyes to this new way of travelling, is cruising. You step on board your ship and are whisked off on action-packed itineraries introducing you to a melting pot of cultures – seeing new cities and even countries, every day. And one such destination which you need to experience for yourself is Norway – and what better to do so than on a cruise? Norway has one of the longest coastlines in the world, and more fjords than anywhere else on the planet – this makes it one of the most beautiful places you could ever experience. Here is just why you need to experience Norway on a cruise.

The natural beauty

why you need to experience Norway on a cruise. Norway CruiseMillions of years of glacial activity have left Norway with a most beautiful coastline. Intricately carved fjords are dripping in lush greenery, with resplendent waterfalls and fluffy snow-topped peaks standing shoulder to shoulder. Waters are crystal clear and small villages with homes in multicolour perch on the vertiginous, mountain terrain. It’s a blissfully peaceful destination, with calm communities and the sights and sounds of nature all around – the perfect spot to escape from the rush of life back home.

Off the beaten track

why you need to experience Norway on a cruise. Norway CruiseAs you relax on your cruise ship, you will watch it enter the emerald blue waterways, navigating the waters effortlessly and winding between the immense cliffs in a way no land tour would ever be able to take you. Only through travelling this way will you get to see the dramatic views in such close proximity – to see and hear the whooshing of the waterfalls and vast glaciers right up close. The Norwegian Fjords can be difficult to navigate on foot, so cruising is the perfect way to see more than you could ever hope to by foot alone.

The ease of cruising

why you need to experience Norway on a cruise. Norway CruiseCruising the Norwegian Fjords is so easy and simple, it would be hard to find a nicer way to experience it. You set up base in your own comfortable cabin, unpack your luggage and can head to the bar for a cocktail while watching the breathtaking scenery unfold before you. You don’t have to stress about finding your way or missing the best spot for sightseeing as you’ll be dropped off right in the midst of it. You have the chance to book some amazing excursions and discover things you’d never have thought of or to wander off yourself for a more relaxed day in Norway.

The Northern Lights

why you need to experience Norway on a cruise. Norway CruiseWhile it’s never guaranteed, due to Norway’s closer proximity to the Arctic Circle, the Northern Lights can often be seen when visiting the Norwegian Fjords. You have more chance to see them between September and April, but may have some luck other times of the year! Typical cruises to the Norwegian Fjords are between 7 and 10 nights so you have plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of them, particularly if the sky is nice and clear!

The wildlife

why you need to experience Norway on a cruise. Norway CruiseAnother reason you need to experience Norway on a cruise is that the Norwegian Fjords is packed with some of the most beautiful wildlife on the planet, meaning that even if you’re not a massive nature-lover or birdwatcher, you will still find it hard not to be amazed. You have opportunities to spot the Eurasian Elk (a cousin to the North American Moose) puffins, whales, reindeers, eagles and so much more. Be sure to bring your camera!

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