Take dating back to what it should be about – meeting and getting to know each other in person and not through a screen – with new app HappyGo…

Let’s face it, dating in this day and age is a technological nightmare. You can swipe left to your heart’s content, but it’s rare to come across someone who’s genuine, who wants to meet and actually get to know you rather than ask for inappropriate requests to their DM’s. This is where the new dating app HappyGo comes in. Aimed at trying to get people meeting, (in a safe way), they are taking away the tendency of our generation to live on social media and through a screen and back out into the real world…


HappyGo App dating appHappyGo is a brand new app available on the App store and on Android in September of 2019. It has a mission to provide on-the-day dating and is aimed at young working professionals. The app is dedicated to facilitating dates between mutual friends in a convenient location, taking dating back to the basics and to meeting in real life. HappyGo understands that too much choice can be a bag thing, so the app only shows a maximum of three daily profiles. This means each profile becomes valuable and not just another faceless swipe! The app works to be safe by ensuring protection through a mutual friends feature via Facebook. They only show profiles with people you share mutual friends with, meaning it removes the random profiles of people you can’t verify and increasing accountability between users.


HappyGo App dating appThe HappyGo dating app is simple, you need to search by 1pm to see your daily profile. You then have one hour to make a decision and will be notified at 2pm if you have a match. Once you have matched, HappyGo will introduce you both and recommend a pub or pub to meet in a location you both selected.


“We want to bring people offline and into the real world because we were concerned with the direction that our generation was taking with regards to technology; living on social media and behind a screen. This was most prevalent with regards to dating apps – our peers were wasting hours of their time swiping endlessly chatting for weeks and never actually meeting. HappyGo wants to use technology for good, and harness it to get people meeting offline, and in real life.” Keelan Kember, Co-founder & Head of Operations at HappyGo



You can download the HappyGo dating app for your iphone here (and android from September 2019.) And visit their website for more information here. Let us know your thoughts on HappyGo in the comments below!



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