A peek inside some of the most expensive homes of English footballers

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Want to live like a footballer? Here is a peek inside some of the most expensive homes of English footballers…

Top footballers can command in excess of £200,000 per week which is nice work if you can get it. As such, footballers bye expensive cars, tailored suits, and the best houses money can buy. With this in mind let’s take a look at the big-name stars and the homes they live in.

Delle Alii

Delle Alii grew up in a council house in a less than desirable area of Milton Keynes. Now, the Spurs and England superstar enjoys a two million pound mansion in Hertfordshire overlooking a golf club. Living with model girlfriend Ruby Mae their four bedroom home features a gymnasium, wine cellar, underground garage and home cinema. Alii’s rise is something of a comic book dream. Growing up in Bradwell an area plagued by gangs his mother realised that to give him a chance she would have to let him live with unofficial adoptive parents in a less dangerous part of Milton Keynes. After his talents on the ball were spotted the rest, as they say, is history.

John Stones

The Manchester City and England superstar grew up in rural Barnsley and in many respects, this is echoed by his choice of home. Like many who play for the big northern powerhouse clubs, John Stone has a mansion in Cheshire. Set in lush lavish grounds his home has its own lake and features a spa, games room, and indoor swimming pool. The six-bedroom home is complemented by its marble finish which personifies luxury. John Stones grew up a world away from luxury where he used to play street football on Yorkshire streets.

Jordan Pickford

The Everton and England star grew up in Tyne and Wear and lived humbly where early tweets dating back to 2012 were unearthed by fans where he laments not having Sky and Freeview being soul destroying. Now Mr Pickford can enjoy Sky whenever he wants. Living in Cheshire in a £1.5m valued home, he has another luxury pad in his home town of Tyne and Wear. Jordan Pickford has come a long way since growing up in a three bedroom terrace house valued at just under £100,000.

Marcus Rashford

When not on the pitch playing for Manchester United or England the 21-year-old star can be found in his £2m Cheshire mansion. The star has a penchant for performance cars which he is adding to all the time. His house is built to specification and is surrounded by lush trees and situated in a leafy suburb known for being the home of famous footballing stars. Marcus Rashford’s roots are from Manchester where he grew up in an unassuming terrace house.

Raheem Sterling

The pacey Manchester City and England superstar lives in a £3m mansion in Cheshire. It is situated in a remote part of the county and all of his neighbours are farmers. His home which he shares with girlfriend Paige Milian and young son blends the traditional and the new. The farmland features a paddock and natural lakes while inside his home has a distinctly modern vibe with slate grey walls and gold fixtures. Raheem Sterling’s early life couldn’t have been more of a contrast. He was born in Jamaica where his father was murdered when he was just two. He and his mother fled to England where he grew up in a less than desirable area of West London.

Kyle Walker

The Manchester City and England defender is not just a world class footballer but family man and chef. Social media pictures of him in the kitchen preparing food in a luxurious yet understated modern kitchen often do the rounds. He lives with his girlfriend of nine years, Annie Kilner, and three children in his luxury home which features its own pool and sprawling grounds. A far cry from his Sheffield upbringing.

Making your Home Luxurious

Fortunately, you don’t need to be on a footballer’s salary to make your home feel like a superstar pad. Outlets like Ikea often issue an accommodation leaflet where you can get discounts and deals to bring your home alive. The secret is to know what kind of feel you want your home to have. Do you want features like Raheem Sterling’s home or a marble finish as what you would find if you went to John Stone’s pad? It is also a good idea not to be too ambitious and concentrate on one room at a time. Decide what the room needs to be able to do, what kind of feel you want and then choosing the right fixtures and fittings should be easy. Let’s not forget the oh so important colour scheme and you will soon find you will be living in a luxury house of your own at least in terms of how it looks.

Finally, keep in mind the big picture so your home has a consistent feel throughout.


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