Dior launches high-tech foundation for ‘Selfie-generation’

Nowadays it would be a rare occurrence to not see the taking of a selfie during your days activities. Whether a short bus ride to the shops or a walk through your local park, you will see people everywhere treasuring the er… moment with a selfie.

And now Dior have caught on to the trend, aiming to abolish any last minute photo-panics. (We’ve all been there, we’re feeling a bit rubbish, have little makeup on, and then that friends whips out their phone “let’s take a selfie!”- A mad rush of powdering, primping and polishing occurs to ensure we look picture perfect.)

This panic is aimed to be abolished through Dior’s new clever ‘light-boosting’ foundation which aims to tackle redness, shadows and shine and help to produce that desirable model-effect. ‘How do they do it?’ I hear you cry, and the answer to that would be through a little something called “Titanium enriched spheres.” (Don’t worry, we didn’t know what they were either, but all is revealed below.)

Dior Selfie Foundation

These work by creating ‘Light pulsion’ which allows for two-dimensional light to reflect evenly through them, making the spheres themselves turn into a light source. This in turn creates luminosity, colour balance and texture correction. as well as ‘amplifying radiance’ so your skin is instantly ready for its moment in the spotlight.

Edouard Mauvais-Jarvis, Scientific Communications Director at Dior, said: “We have developed an industry first with the introduction of Titanium-enriched silica beads which enables Diorskin Star foundation to release maximum light reflecting potential.

A number of famous faces tried and tested the foundation at Dior’s haute couture show in Paris and were all extremely pleased with the results.

s if that is not enough to have you racing to your nearest department store, the beautiful Natalie Portman is the face of Diorskin Star, who’s dewy complexion we would all like to achieve!

The foundation is available in sixteen made to measure shades which adapt to the subtleties of every single skin tone.

So, what are you waiting for? Be photo-ready no matter the occassion!
You can purchase the foundation here


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