Look beautiful, feel beautiful, are beautiful

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
― Yves Saint-Laurent

With Benefit Beauty Products you look Fresh and Timelessly Beautiful; they are products that enhance and highlight your gorgeous idiosyncrasies and make them finely-struck features. They casts an effortless beauty: a gentle sprinkling of Benefit sparkle and you are a Beauty of fairytale proportions.

Benefit cosmetics

The thematic 50’s utopic beauty that was cropped out of a despotic post-war economic depression was truly a beauty of reality, flushed and healthy young women in working labour and transforming the gender role expectations and the sphere of society in which they occupy. This sexy evolution of women’s identity, in a way of women’s ‘I pull my own weight’ attitude, and then natural evolution of femininity and sexuality all transformed beauty expectations. Benefit is a true ambassador for this employing exuberance, a natural glowing beauty inherent in the culturally accurate, naturally minimal and light-but-long-wear makeup, and aesthetic epitomised by the archetypal minimalism of charcoal eyeliner stocking-lines up the leg.

I’m saying this as I pull my pinafore off and take my bra off that ‘Rachel Green way’ and rolling up my sleeves ready to make dinner to truly embrace this liberating dimension which this philosophy of effortless comfortable beauty bestows on a working girl! What is truly a wonder of Benefit Makeup is also the quality of the breadth of their collection of makeup from lipstick to concealing complexion enhancers, bronzers, and wow-able eyebrow products. Having this all-in-one place, one-stop-shop consistency of quality and the deliverance of their products in capsule makeup kits really takes a lot of the effort and hassle out of portable makeup concerns: Benefit delivers all you need. With Benefit kits you have all you need to create a soft even complexion and contrasted natural definition of your features, checking them all: Eyes; Cheeks; Lips, all sorted.

benefit cosmetics

Not only would I advocate that these are the perfect kits for holiday travel if you could but manage carrying perhaps two other favoured makeup essentials in the pen  holders in your handbag plus all of the kit-sized potions are under 50ml making them the perfect hand-luggage-friendly makeup.

You can have literally all you need in one set of Benefit tins of Beauty and you’re ready to go. Plus you need never worry again about turbulence destroying your pressed powder makeup, as not only are you packed light and ready to travel but you are also ready for eventualities of combat that you life may bring, with the design of the Kit case the box will protect the powder as a shock absorber and their precious pressed powder of eyeshadows and bronzers and blush  will stay intact (as far as 90km of air miles and many many more wheels miles carrying two kits in my bag (one for eye shadow, blush, lips, eyelashes and complexion; and one for bronze, contouring highlighter , eye shadow, eyelashes and lipgloss) and so far so good as far as my experience goes.

benefit cosmetics

Out of the two precious tins I carries across Australia I was set, all else I required to complete my face is eyebrow definition and a complexion perfector literally two more products and I was jet-set and ready to travel anywhere. That makeup sufficed me for evenings, parties, day time proper and everything in between without looking like I was wearing the same makeup everyday: rather it became my ‘look’.

The absolute best part about benefit is yet to be revealed though…

The stand out unique benefit of Benefits Beauty brand is the feel and wear of the makeup. Every piece of the different makeup is breathable, light weight and feels almost so good that it is beneficial to your skins health. Nothing is ever heavy, but it is durable to long wear and demanding work. After travel for a time measurable by years I spend most of my time bare faced so since getting used to not wearing makeup I find I really enjoy Benefit makeup up because you don’t feel like your wearing makeup after ten minutes of application, you can forget aout it and look gorgeous all day long.

Benefit rightly campaign aviation pin-ups to show off Benefit as the perfect makeup for this jet-setting character of woman. Rightly so because it on long haul plan journeys all you want is fresh airy and moisturising makeup to last the whole journey and be used to freshen you up and spring you into lighter skip of of breezy beauty for the day: care free like a breath of fresh air and make up after a groggy 14 hour haul. I cannot say enough how perfectly Benefit have got their makeup Made.

benefit cosmetics

The Skincare ‘priming’ products in Benefits range are ideal for a essential daily moisturise, with complexion smoothing and tone enhancing qualities, take their ‘It’s Potent’ eye cream – a literal clear eyes eye drop moisturing effect to soothe make your eyes bright and sparkly; and their ‘Triple performance Facial Emulsion’ for hydration, protection & comfort transforming you into a tri-radiant lady, a lady of three times more radiance than before. And I can vouch all Benefit moisturising products are never too potent as it may almost seem as all their products are good for even the most sensitive of skin.

I truly also swear by the ‘Gimme Brow’ eyebrow-volumizing-fibre-gel wand for all my needs both au natural looks and defined eyebrow game. A spot of dark brown eyeshadow with a fine coating and thickness of brush brushed through to contrast and define lines with a fine perfection and all essential varieties of eyebrow styles are sorted.

benefit cosmetics

One thing I absolutely love about Benefit is the quality of complexion evening with such little product! Benefit seems to aim to clarify and distil natural beauty, only looking to only enhance and bring out the beautiful tone and colour of your own skin, it seeks to match and better what you already have to work with rather than use the face as a blank canvas and colour by numbers. It truly is a brand that celebrates the classic beauty of a natural beauty and serves only to secrete imperfections not suppress delicate features too.

Benefit is an all-round amazing makeup producer, the consistency of excellent quality and wow-factor of something so simple producing such a dramatic effect as a sprinkling of spice not a lathering of paste. I love their versatility and range of products and the ease of access and application in the Beauty kits. You and I need look no further for the makeup of dream design and confidence of beauty.


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