Strictly Come Dancing returns to our screens this Saturday so we have the perfect warm-up routine for any Strictly fans out there. It’s time to get your dancing shoes on!

A few weeks back, we introduced you to the London Cabaret Club. But it’s such a fabulous spot that we just couldn’t wait to revisit it, especially as it now offers some incredible gift packages. We sent guest writer (and regular dance enthusiast) Jubran Khokhar along to experience it, and he did not leave disappointed!

The Perfect Date

Being a real dance enthusiast, I brought my girlfriend Katherine along for a memorable evening at the Bloomsbury Ballroom, for a night of dancing, sing-alongs, and foodie indulgence. It was the perfect date.

Our evening began with a kick, where we had the pleasure of trying one of the many interestingly named cocktails that The London Cabaret Club has to offer. Katherine, a lover of ‘good tequila’, went for the So Macho, which is a must-try if you love a Margarita with a twist. If like me, however, your palate craves the heat in life, Sympathy with the Devil will tempt your taste buds.

LCC Cocktail

The perfect fusion of fragrant passion fruit and hot cayenne, this aptly named formula was intensified by the shot of champagne that is served with it.

Smooth Moves

As we indulged in the final drops of our drinks, we were met by our charming hostess Evelina Girling and our professional dance instructor Vladimir Kozhevnikov (a.k.a  Nikko), who escorted us to the stage for our first cha cha lesson. Having never danced the cha cha before, Katherine and I were anxious. Yet Nikko’s friendly and encouraging instruction soothed our nerves, as we ‘new yorked’ and ‘rock stepped’ our way across the stage. The class was a perfect introduction to the cha cha, and really easy to follow. Whether you are a seasoned dancer or a dance virgin, the instruction is tailored to your level of experience. By the end of the lesson we had a nice little routine that we could (just about) pull off (there were even a few turns!).

Dance Lesson: London Cabaret Club

Wagtail Wonder

Following the lesson, we were quickly whisked away by Evelina, who wanted to introduce us to the youngest star of the show, Maysie. As we walked through the corridors we were told that, unfortunately, she could be quite temperamental and may not even be willing to perform! Expecting a young diva, we were pleasantly surprised by loveable greeting from Maysie, who very quickly gave us a big wet kiss! We of course wanted a photo with the beautiful Maysie, and with the aid of her trainer (and between lots of cuddles) she wagged her tail over to us to pose.

London Cabaret Club Maysie

Having made a furry new friend, we were led to our table by our waiter Joe Conaboy. He promptly poured us a glass of wine (the first of many), and we were brought the first course of our incredibly indulgent 3 course meal. From the goats cheese truffles with pistachio and black sesame seeds to the warm dark chocolate fondant, every bite was mouthwatering. As the evening unfolded we learnt that our waiter Joe (along with many of the waiting staff) was an aspiring musician and performer. While we dined on our succulent steak, Joe graced the audience with an acoustic cover of ‘Somewhere only we know’ by Keane.

London Cabaret Club food

High Voltage Variety Show

With the live band behind us, the talented cast of the London Cabaret Club dazzled us with a variety of different acts. It was a pleasure to see the familiar face of Nikko. He owned the stage with moves that make Swayze look like Longbottom in the ‘Goblet of Fire’ (apologies to any Patrick Swayze fans). Every performance kept us bewitched, showcasing a diverse range of dances choreographed by Doni Fiero, whom we had the rare privilege of seeing perform. The show came to a lively end with a cover of Uptown Funk, where the performers got the entire audience on their feet and we saw everyone, including our amazing host Evelina, join the party and have a fantastic time!

london Cabaret Club

Toasting the future

At the end of the night after socialising with Doni and Nikko, Evelina let us in on some of LCC’s future plans. We were given a sneak peek into the (as yet) undeveloped backrooms where Evelina shared with us her vision: By day waiters rolling up and down a small diner serving hungry guests. By night: a transformation into a private VIP lounge. As soon as she mentioned the possibility of karaoke being involved we were totally sold on the idea!

That’s A Wrap

The Gift Package London Cabaret Club was a wonderful experience, the performers and staff a pleasure to meet, and the entertainment and food a dream for the senses. This would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves the theatre, music, or dance. A truly unforgettable night of entertainment.

The London Cabaret Club currently offers two gift packages; £45 for cabaret tickets, a meet & greet with stars and a signed photograph from the cast; £75 for all of the above PLUS a private professional dance lesson, the opportunity to rehearse your routine with the cast and an official London Cabaret Club certificate.



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