Get ready to fall in love with Wunder2…

The last few years have seen brows make a comeback in a big way and if you are part of the trend, you’ve probably heard of WunderBrow, the insta-sensation and highly clamoured-after eyebrow brand. Now whilst we are lovers of this product, we are not going to let it claim the spotlight for we have recently been introduced the brand Wunder2 as a whole and as a result fallen hard and fast in love with just what they have to offer.
Wunder2 has been on the market for less that five years, yet have settled in firmly, snuggling between High Street and designer, with a plethora of products set to rival both.

Products we love

1Perfect Selfie HD Photo Finishing Powder

Wunder2’s perfect selfie HD photo finishing powder is a revolutionary product said to eradicate the need for filters and produce photo-ready pics each and every time. It makes your skin look flawless with a high performing blend of perfecting powders uniform in size allowing it to expand and contract with your skin. This means it will not settle into any fine lines or creases leaving you with a flattering and slimming finish. Priced at £19.95 it’s a nice alternative to normal powders which can leave your face with an unnatural texture and is ideal for your new profile picture!
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2Wunder Extensions Lash Extension Stain Mascara

This mascara is a great product from Wunder2 and priced at £19.95 it won’t break the bank. We experienced the most voluminous lashes we’ve ever seen, looking longer and fuller after just a single stroke. And that’s not all, it is also the most waterproof mascara we’ve ever seen. Quick tip – Make sure you have an oil-based cleanser on hand to take it off, as no amount of makeup wipes, soap scrubbing or soaking will work. We reckon you could swim the channel in a thunderstorm and still emerge with no hint of panda-eyes and perfect fluttering lashes (though we’re not quite up to testing this theory.) It is made to last for up to three days for perfect smudge proof and flake free wear.
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3Wunderkiss Essential Lip Scrub

Lip-wise, there are a range of products for jumping aboard the plumping trend, including the sugar lip scrub which is ideal to plump up your lips and remove any stray bits of skin. Including elements of sugar particles and shea butter it leaves your lips super soft for hours after.
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4Wunderkiss Lip Plumping Gloss

Their other item is the plumping lip gloss. Whilst it doesn’t quite leave you with Kylie Jenner style transformations, your lips do feel soft and look plumper. Plus, the glossy sheen is a beautiful finish for both day and night makeup looks.
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Take a look at the full range of Wunder2 products here and let us know what you think…


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