So you’ve had approval for your loft conversion, now for the fun bit, designing what it could be…

From staircase designers to art investment there is so much to think about. Whether you decide to create a new bedroom, study or chill-out zone, here are our top tips for designing the new room in your home…

Neutral Colours

Let’s face it, whether you have opted for a study or a lounging area it probably won’t stay like that forever, so it’s best to decorate with a neutral colour palette which is easily adaptable for different scenarios and also easy to decorate over should you have a change of heart. Neutral colours are also great to making spaces look bigger and lighter, creating an illusion of more space.

loft conversion interior tips

Access to the conversion

Let’s face it, what goes up must come down and whilst in the past you’ve been happy wobbling up an old step ladder and hauling yourself into the loft to grab the Christmas decorations once a year, this won’t be such a practical element when it is in regular use. This is where you need to invest in a modern staircase which can easily be assembled, looks great and doesn’t take up too much space. After all, you don’t want to fill your hallway with another large staircase!loft conversion interior tips


When building the conversion why not install a large skylight to let in the maximum amount of light? Not only will this create a beautiful space to relax in, but it will also make the room appear bigger.

loft conversion interior tips


A new space is the same as a blank canvas so time to get creative on the furniture and accessories! Take some time to think about what sort of vibe you want to go for – contemporary? Classic? Nordic? Shabby chic? Visit plenty of interior stores and read up to find what you want, then purchase accordingly!loft conversion interior tips


Accessories can make a room. Invest in some good quality lamps which are great not only for lighting up a room but also adding character and colour. For a cosy vibe invest in some faux-fur throws and shaggy rugs and don’t forget to put plenty of art and photos on the walls for the finishing touches.

loft conversion interior tips

What are your top tips for doing up a new area of the house? Let us know in the comments below…

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