Read our top tips for improving your photography and instantly become better behind the lens…

Stop and think about the composition

Sometimes we see a great scene and want to rush ahead and just snap away. While this can produce a good picture, slow down and think about the best way to achieve this and what you want the person viewing the photo to be drawn to. Think carefully what you want to be at the forefront, what the colours are like and how the subjects work together. Take the time to get the camera on the right settings to avoid getting home and realising your shot is blurry or the subject is out of focus because you rushed. Also take lots of shots. Gone are the days of film cameras where you had a limited amount of shots and had to perfect it in one, don’t feel afraid to move slightly and snap again, even the slightest tweak can make a big difference to a photograph.

top tips for perfecting your photography

Learn to shoot in Manual

A cameras auto settings are great, but when you want to get more concise and creative shots, you need to learn to show in manual. From here you can alter things such as the iso – the cameras sensitivity to light – the F-stop, which is the opening which lets light into the camera and also the shutter speed. This gives you much more control over the final look of the images you shoot.

photography tips

Get close to the action

Third on our list of top tips for improving your photography is that if you feel like your photographs aren’t “popping” a really simple trick is to just get a little closer to the action. Empty or irrelevant space can often ruin a photo and detract the focus away from your main subject. Fill the frame with your main point of focus and see how your photos looks then. It is also easier (when shooting people for instance) to see details such as facial expressions when shooting closer.

photography tips

Invest in other lenses

Most DSLR cameras come with a standard 18-55m lens. While this is a great starting lens for things such as landscapes, architecture and environmental portraiture it can become restrictive when it comes to more specific shots. For example, shooting interior photos you want a wide-angle lens that can fit more of the room into the photo, or for food photography, you want something like a 35mm lens that will give you a lower aperture (more blurry background.)

photography tips

Have a camera on you at all times

Above all in our top tips for improving your photography, remember that practice makes perfect and you never know when photography inspiration will strike! Keep a camera on you at all times and you can get experience and practice in a whole host of areas and situations you might not come across when just practicing shooting at home. Be sure to head out to different places and at different times of day so you can experiment in diffferent light. It doesn’t matter if your photos don’t come out quite the way you want them, the more you practise the better they will be.

improving your photography

What do you think of our top tips for improving your photography? Got some more? Feel free to comment below!



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