A tiny tipple of wonder with Hendricks Orbium awaits you in Harvey Nichol’s fantasy world…

We all know gin has had a huge moment here in the UK and it’s hard to produce something original when a traditional G&T is such an easy go-to. Yet Hendricks’ Master Distiller, Leslie Gracie, has done just that with the creation of the new Orbium edition. Infused with Quinine, Wormwood and the rare Blue Lotus Blossom, this truly is Hendricks with a difference. Launching exclusively with Harvey Nichols, visitors to the Knightsbridge branch can now sample the new serve through an immersive experience brought to you by the infamous events team Bompass & Parr. Hendricks Orbium

The Hendricks Orbium pop-up on the top floor at Harvey Nichols takes guests on a journey to a Parallel Universe, where you can explore the heady new liquor through a trilogy of three tiny (teenee) Martinis. Prepare for the unexpected, as the secret world that has been created comes complete with a ritual anointing, a secret chant and a strange but satisfying introduction to the three Orbium concoctions. These include the Orbium Martini, a twist on a dry martini garnished with a lemon zest, Orbium & Soda – a supernatural spin on the classic Gin & Tonic of the real world – and (my favourite) the Orbium Martinez, laced with maraschino liqueur and a dash of Angostura Bitters. Each sup demonstrates the quality of Orbium in unique ways, which will certainly leave you wanting more. Fortunately, new converts to Orbium gin will be able to purchase bottles on site in the Spirits section of the store.

The Hendricks Orbium Tiny Martini experience runs until the end of October and is completely free to enjoy! Full sized bottles are also available at £47. For queue-jump tickets, you can also book through eventbrite.




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