Many romantics would claim that money can’t buy love. However, evidence has shown that money can make or break a relationship as it affects the decisions we make…

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and whether you have a partner or are looking for one, it can bring to light certain financial differences – which can often make or break relationships. In fact, a recent relationship survey has found our just how much hold the power of money has on relationships. In the survey Shepherds Friendly partnered up with psychologist and relationship expert Dr Becky Spelman. They asked a few taboo questions such as who should pay on date night – which in today’s age when many want to be considered “equal” raised a few unexpected answers. They also asked if you would break up with your partner if they became bankrupt. Within this, gender and age gaps were analysed to see which results were the most interesting (there were quite a few surprises packed in there!) Dr Becky Spelman then analysed the data and explained what the results could mean, and shared relationship advice based on the findings.

Money relationshipsFor example, 41% of women aged 45-59 agreed that money plays a part in how attractive you find a partner, and of those aged 18-29, when asked whether couples should split the bill on date night, only 29.4% of men agreed, as opposed to 76.4% of women. It also showed that just under a quarter of men think how much a partner earns is important in terms of pursuing a relationship, while 31.4% of women think this too. Whether it reveals a lot about your relationship or someone else’s, or it makes you think different about how you would react in situations, the infographic is certainly interesting. Let us know your thoughts in the comments at the end of the article.



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