In charge of someone’s pre-wedding plans? Here’s five reasons a house is better than a Hotel for your hen or stag do…

When planning a stag or hen do, one of the first things you need to decide is where to stay. The main choices are often whether to pick a Hotel or a House (although some may go glamping and stay in something super cool like a Hobbit House or old Army truck!) It can be hard which to decide on, which is why we’ve put together our list of the top five reasons a House is better than a Hotel for your hen or stag do…


Five things to consider before building your own homeParticularly true for those with a bigger group of people, the price of a house can work out cheaper than a Hotel room. This is because you normally pay a set rate then divide it between all of you. Decide on a budget between you all that you’re happy to pay and find somewhere that fits within this. Why not check out for some inspiration?

You can bring your own food and drink

Top Galentines events in LondonNot only does this help keep costs down at stag and hen party houses, but also means you can eat and drink whatever you like. Why not all chip in and go for a big shop on your drive to the house? This way you can divide up things such as breakfast and lunch items and bottles of drink. You’re also not restricted with how much you can eat, or when you can eat and if there are any leftovers can bring them home with you! If you do decide to go out to eat, you can have a few pre-drinks in the house, then see what restaurants you can find.

You can all be together

lads holiday tipsWhen in a Hotel and you have some down time, you either have to stick to being in your room with the person you are sharing with, or have others cram into the tiny space. With a house you have plenty of communal areas where you can all chill together and normally rooms are bigger than hotel ones. You will end up seeing a lot more of the people you’ve come away with which is always a plus!


Five Reasons A House is Better Than a Hotel for Your Hen or Stag doWhen renting a hen or stag house, you have the freedom to do more with the space and find something tailored to your experience. You can decorate the space to how you want it (for example filling the walls with photos of the bride or groom to be!) and can do up certain rooms for occasions. Why not turn the dining room into a large prosecco afternoon tea setup? You wouldn’t have the space or facilities for this in a hotel room.

More People

Five Reasons A House is Better Than a Hotel for Your Hen or Stag doIf you are looking at a large guest list for a hen or stag do, a house is a much more feasible option. You can find houses which will host up to 35 or more people, meaning you don’t have to worry about booking dozens of hotel rooms, or finding a Hotel which can accommodate for that many.

There are so many reasons to book a House for your Stag or Hen do!


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