Take your date night up a level with these romantic date night ideas at home…

You can’t beat a date night with your other half, but if money is tight or you just don’t want to go out, there are plenty of ideas you can enjoy without leaving the house. From a fancy three-course meal to an outdoor cinema, here are our top romantic date night ideas at home…

A Fancy Dinner

Romantic date night ideas at homeFirst on our list of romantic date night ideas at home, is to cook a fancy restaurant-worthy dinner. Head to your local supermarket for ingredients and cook a delicious three course menu accompanied by a bottle of wine. You could dress the table up with a table cloth and candles and make it a real meal to remember.

A Takeaway and Film Night

Romantic date night ideas at homeIf you’re looking for a romantic yet chilled evening in, why not order in a takeaway and snuggle up on the sofa with one of your favourite films (we’re talking Netflix and chill, but literally)? Bored of the usual Netflix offerings? Why not use a VPN to access US Netflix which allows you to unlock all the American content – with over double the amount of content of the UK netflix?

An Indoor Picnic

Romantic date night ideas at homeA picnic is a great choice in our list of romantic date night ideas at home – you can enjoy all the benefits of delicious finger food without having to head too far. Plus, if the weather is bad, you can lay a picnic blanket out on the living room floor and eat your picnic away from the rain, with the heating on. It’s a fun and cheaper way to have a date night without leaving the house.

Camping and BBQ in the Garden

Romantic date night ideas at homeIf you’re looking for the romanticism of a camping date, without the lack of luxuries such as a toilet, or the option to head inside to a real bed and central heating if you want it, why not make a camp in your back garden? You can have a BBQ, set up a little fire pit where you can toast marshmallows and round off the evening by relaxing under the starry sky/ What could be more romantic?

Garden Cinema SCreen

Romantic date night ideas at homeMaking a garden cinema is simple, all you need is a sheet or neutral backdrop which you can hang up on a shed or fence, and a projector to show your film. Grab plenty of cosy blankets and cushions, drape fairy lights in the trees and be sure to stock up on your favourite snacks and treats for while you watch your films. There’s nothing like spending an evening snuggled outside under the stars, favourite snacks in hand, and film on. What better romantic date night idea at home than this?

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