Coffee shops to beat those January Blues

Oh the mandatory ‘January Blues’ that month where we are supposed to wallow in our lack of money and weight gain over the holidays. However, January doesn’t need to be as bad as it’s made out to be. This month marks a new start to a new year and what better way to get started than with a short sharp burst of coffee to get you on your way? Here are my picks of my favourite 5 London coffee shops!

Flat white

In the vibrant centre of Soho where could possibly be better to take a cup of coffee and watch the world go by? Flat White are known for their artisan style coffee particularly famous in New Zealand and Australia. With its doors open since 2005, it has earned a legion of local Soho fans as well as Australian and New Zealand expats. With double shots and an ethical approach to trading it’s no wonder that they’re such a firm favourite amongst London’s coffee shop crowd. (Their smashed avocado on toast also helps seal the deal nicely)
Flat White Coffee Shop London

The attendant

It’s rare that many would head in their droves to a former Victorian toilet yet here, it’s The Attendant’s unique selling point! After 2 years of restoration work this toilet is now a buzzing coffee house complete with a cosy atmosphere and green seating that matches it’s signature Victorian tiles. Following this green theme The Attendant use green coffee beans from single estate farms where the focus is on sustainability and quality rather than quantity that compromises on overall taste. They also have their own milk producer in Somerset that come from only grass fed Jersey cows. Although, the price is a little higher you know the animals that produced the milk were treated well. It’s clear to see why it’s been the runner up Best Coffee Shop in London two times and receives an abundance of constant press. For a coffee experience to remember it’s well worth a try.

The Attendant Coffee Shop London

The Wren

Again for another unusual coffee experience, why not head to church? The Wren is a coffee shop that is inside St Nicholas Abbey, found in Blackfriars. Bathing in the light from the stain glass windows with a cup of artisan coffee, could their be a better way to beat the ‘January blues’? The prices are also reasonable and all the proceeds of the Wren go towards supporting St Nicks Talks and maintaining The Wren itself.  Coffee with a side of a good deed anyone?

The Wren Coffee Shop London

Workshop coffee

With heaps of locations all over the city such as Clerkenwell, Marylebone, Fitzrovia and Holborn this firm favourite would be a welcome addition to any busy Londoners daily routine. With a cosy warehouse vibe complete with communal seating and a vertical garden, not only is Workshop coffee a visually pleasing as a venue it takes its coffee very seriously. Workshop coffee buys coffee in its purest form- the green seed. This means that the seed changes with the seasons. The coffee is great and the venue relaxed but even more, the company prides itself on sustainability. Workshop Coffee have won numerous awards such as best independent cafe 2012 and best vegetarian breakfast at the prestigious Allegra coffee awards. Award winning and affordable? What better place to grab a cup of the good stuff and people watch?
Workshop Coffee Shop London


Expect to always see this place heaving with people. Again due to resounding success there is more than one of these establishments dotted around the city in places such as Canary Wharf, Moorgate, Trafalgar Square and Kings Cross. Interestingly enough Notes transitions from day to night and there is something for everyone. Inspired by seasonal produce and fresh coffee this is a great place to grab brunch and soak up the ambiance. Without a doubt it’s a place that hits all the right ‘Notes’.

notes Coffee Shop London


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