Assome! The Professional Cellulite Remover that truly works and doesn’t break the bank…

It seems only yesterday we were setting our new year resolutions to get fit, fabulous and get that booty we’ve always dreamed of in time for summer. Fast forward to today and somehow summer is within reaching distance and that peachy rear isn’t quite what you wanted it to be. But before you stuff that bikini to the back of your wardrobe in despair, let us introduce you to Assome! an at-home technology dedicated to helping women feel more comfortable in their skin. The technology works to lift, tone and tighten your skin, helping you feel better about your body without the need for expensive surgeries and clinical treatments.

What is it

Assome! Cellulite removerAssome! 3-1 Ultrasonic Massager is an innovative long-lasting cellulite treatment that works with ultrasonic technology to increase the skin’s natural thickness, reduce bumps and stimulate collagen production. Use with the Assome! Ultrasonic absorption gel which works in conjunction with the laser boosting deep skin penetration and accelerating fat cell metabolism and the Assome! Ultrasonic serum. The Assome! Ultrasonic serum is to be used post-treatment three times a week to restore damaged structure, improve skin thickness and boost elasticity.

The Tech stuff

Assome! Cellulite remover Assome! Zero Cellulite Ultrasonic SerumAssome! combines three cutting-edge technologies – LED, radiofrequency and ultrasonic waves. 1Mhz ultrasound therapy is often used by professional slimming machines and is known to be effective in this treatment. High-frequency vibration caused by ultrasound therapy can remove cellulite deep under the skin, reduce stubborn fat and achieve and slimming and body-shaping effect. High-frequency radio waves which oscillate 6 million times per minute tighten skin, reduce cellulite and lighten fine lines. The red and blue LED lights are high-intensity cold light. They can improve skin condition, making it softer and helping it regain youth and vitality.

Who and Why

Nearly 90% of women battle with cellulite on their thighs, arms, stomach and booties and it is something which anyone can develop. Cellulite occurs when enlarged packets of body fat deposit deep under the skin and balloon up to the surface, pushing layers of fibres that once kept your limbs nice and firm. It can be a hard condition to get rid of as there is no quick fix such as a cream or gel that can penetrate the skin and get deep enough to remove the fat from beneath. This is where the Assome! massager system comes in, as the advanced sound wave technology can penetrate beneath the dermal layer to lift, tighten and reduce cellulite.

How much

The massager is £159.00 and is designed to be used 3 times a week for 3 months for optimum results. The Assome! Ultrasonic absorption gel is £19.90 for one month supply and the Assome! Ultrasonic serum is £9.90 for one week’s supply.


Buy your Assome! kit and find out more about them (and how to achieve your dream booty without the high price tags and surgical procedures) here.


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