Witness the uncut diamonds with House of iKons…

Sunday 20th September signalled the central mark of SS16 fashion week, where fashions finest who had flocked to the streets of London were beginning to flag from the overwhelming hustle and bustle. It was time for a breath of fresh air. And that came in the form of House of iKons…

 If you were to leave the chaos that was Brewer Street Car Park and head towards the London Hilton Paddington, you were to be greeted by glitz, glamour, sophistication and that extra added dash of fun and trepidation that other shows lack. For the excitement in the lobby area of the Hotel was paramount, groups of press, photographers and fashion fans alike all eagerly awaiting the much anticipated show, put forth by Savita Kaye in aid of the Princes Trust.House of iKons 2015 put on an afternoon and evening show, both with a whole range of burgeoning young designers. We managed to grab Savita amongst the hustle and bustle of the night and ask her about House of iKons.

“House of iKons has gone global opening doors further for all involved, designers, models, presenters, associate brands. House of iKons is beginning to make a global storm.. An #iKonic revolution.. So all can shine bright like a diamond”

And that it is. For House of iKons is heading all around the world to showcase the incredible talent that all of its designers have to offer.

House of iKons 2015
Seen in the City is a global media partner of House of iKons

House of iKons 2015 House of iKons 2015

Both House of iKons 2015 shows were hosted by the talented Cinderella and Johnny Pach, their personalities and charisma carried the show along perfectly, amusing and entertaining the crowd without becoming rambling as I’ve seen with some presenters in the past.
The afternoon show saw designers SCHON by Sakshee Pradhan, WA Luxury, VRS Designs, Marcel of London, Reka Orosz and Cary Santiago all grace the catwalk. The designs were all unique, captivating and spectacular, each designer’s unique style and personality shining through their collections.

 There was also a great singing performance from Kajni K Sethi and Navin Kudra.

 The evening was again opened by Cinderella and Johnny, before 9 more designs took their creations to the catwalk. These were Rocky Gathercole, Charles Brentt, KML Collection, Hannah El Bou, Suzie Mahony, Kelly, Manna Dabholkar, Michael Wallace and a grand finale by Yen.

 One of the most captivating elements of House of iKons is the sense of unity, commeradeship and the much-needed injection of personality to the runway. Creativity is abundant at House of iKons, and the models who walk portray this well- not just wearing the clothes, but owning them.

House of iKons 2015 was so much more than just a fashion show, it is an event and one that you will not forget in a hurry.
Don’t miss out, be sure to attend the next one by keeping an eye on
our site and also House of iKons website too.

 Exclusive photos by Steve Taylor


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