Pronounced ‘swahn – yey’ – Soigne Winter 2015 Collection

 First impressions are the most important, something that society is forever telling us, and Soigne have definitely taken that into consideration. The varnish presents itself in luxurious black and white boxed packaging that looks like the lovechild of Chanel and the city of Paris itself…


From the outer packaging to the bottle, Soigne radiates class with clean designs and sharp branding. It’s definitely not a nail varnish that will end up in a drawer or at the back of the bathroom cupboard, Soigne’s French elegance is something you will want to masquerade.

We have 3 stunning bold winter shades to share with you:

1. Cherir – meaning Cherish
A snowy pearlesque white, that paints onto your nail thick and swift. Milky light shades can often be need applying for several coats for the full colour effect to happen, but not with Cherir, the gleaming shade reaches full potential at the regular two coats. Cherir translates to Cherish in English.

2. Mystérieuse – meaning Mystery
A deep grey with a splash of khaki, very on trend for A/W 15. We think this colour would look even better with a matte topcoat. The ‘Mysterious’ shade is very sophisticated and gives off a luxe high-end feel. Perfect to twin with tailored lines and winter boots.

3.  Séduisant – meaning Seduction
A winter warmer that injects heat, Christmas, and a burning log fire onto your fingertips. Seduction is not an unusual connotation for a shade of red, and this colour lures you right into feeling cosy in the cold weather.

If you are ever planning on gifting nail varnishes, look no further than Soigne, the chic packaging and wide range of colours contain a minimal amount of nasties with each polish containing up to 85% of plant extracts, keeping the nails healthy! So not only does this brand look the part, it provides a strong colour selection, it applies well, it’s ethical and good for your nails!

View their website here for the full range




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