For those of us that don’t have the motivation to push ourselves at the Gym, say hello to British Military Fitness…

British Military Fitness class Length: 1 hour

Cost: Dependant on location

Calories Burnt per session: 607

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British Military Fitness is the most successful outdoor fitness brand in the UK, this boot camp style class is run 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

All qualified instructors who lead the sessions are ex-military, therefore have experience of strenuous training and exercise, British Military Fitness applies this know-how and uses a ‘Sergeant’ style method to give that extra oomph needed to work hard, burn fat and get fit!

To make sure each individual can reach their full potential, the instructors split you down into 3 different ability groups.

After a quick warm up that included jogging and other light cardio, it was straight into the Military style drills.

British Military Fitness

We performed press-ups, wall sits (against trees!) squats, sprints and other similar physically demanding activities! Fun tongue-in-cheek elements of the class make an occasional appearance too – we were ordered to ‘scream at the enemy’ as we ‘charged’ towards other members of the group, taking your mind off of the exertion and creating a great sense of camaraderie.

The variety of activity, fresh outdoor air and getting muddy made the hour really enjoyable and helped it to fly by!The instructors are firm but fair and happy to give advice on healthy eating too! You will burn between 400-800 calories at a BMF session.

It’s always important to keep the body guessing, so why not try this instead of the usual yoga session?

British Military Fitness operates at over 140 venues with over 13,000 weekly participants, find out your nearest session & the prices by using this map here




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