A haircut with a difference

I had heard of Massato through a few acquaintances and friends and visiting the salon had since been on my To-Do list. This is because anyone who raved of Massato’s magic touch was always the proud owner of a glossy perfected head of hair. So when I was offered the chance I review his salon, I was on my way before you had the chance to say split ends…

Massato Hair Salon London

The salon is nested in a little side street in South Kensington- a short walk from the Underground Station. On the day of my appointment, it was drizzling slightly, and my (neglected) locks soon turned to a frizzy mess.

I find the salon easily, the beautiful whites and modern design standing out on the quaint street.

My appointment was early as so the salon was pretty quiet. I was greeted by one of the stylists who introduces himself and says he will be my hairdresser for the appointment and that Massato himself will be along later.

Massato Hair Salon London

The salon is of an average size, with an upstairs for cuts, and a downstairs for colour. It is very eclectic and modern with the odd pretty and quirky objects thrown in. (I instantly fell in love with the dressing table in the image above!)

My stylist studied my locks before calling over the colourist. They both observed my hair, (speaking mostly in French)- before asking what treatment I would like. I told them I was completely in their hands, leaving them free to do to my hair what they would like.

They went on to explain how my hair was too dark for my skin tone, and gave a number of different tips for helping to look after my hair. It was agreed then they would try and get back to my natural colour (strawberry blonde) and advised against the home-dye kits my hair has been victim to for a number of years,

My treatment began with a whole new cut and shape- designed to highlight and emphasise my face. This cut took around half an hour- forty five minutes and I was pleased he did not chop too much off!

After this, I am led downstairs to the colourist who explains how she will need to bleach my hair in order to remove the darker colour and place blonde on top.

Massato Hair Salon London

Massato Hair Salon London

She explained how they now use cling film instead of foils when dyeing hair in order to let the moisture in, and aside from looking truly ridiculous, I can see what she means.

The bleaching process took about an hour from start to finish, then, as it had not quite taken to my hair (there was a very yellow tone as opposed to the white we were hoping for), we had to re-do this again for another hour.

In this time I was given a number of magazines to read and offered tea- nothing was too much for them, and the service was truly impeccable.

Massato Hair Salon London

Once this process was completed and my hair was pretty much completely white, she picked a blonde colour to be placed on top- a lovely golden ash shade. This application took a further hour, but again I never once felt forgotten about or neglected, yet I didnt feel smothered either. Once this was completed, I was led upstairs and my hair was dried and styled my hair into beautiful voluminous curls.

Massato Hair Salon London

So, if you are looking for somewhere to truly get a bit of head pampering, and a 5* hair cut, look no further than Massato

54 Fulham Rd
020 3620 6183


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