Shay & Blue – A fragrance with a difference

Shay & Blue are a reasonably young perfume brand who were established in 2012. Created by Dom De Vetta and Julie Massé who have described their brand as ‘taking a boutique point of view’ putting ‘personal passion’ into every interesting fragrance that is produced.

Shay & Blue Perfume

These are authentic products created by artisans of fine aromas with attention to detail that mass production cannot compete with. The oils are blended in London although originate from overseas and are given time to mature over 12 weeks, a vital process for the strength of the different scents that the company bottle up!

We have had the pleasure of trying out scents from both the Shay & Blue ‘Citrus’ and ‘Fruit’ ranges – Sicilian Limes and Framboise Noire.

Both products are presented in a beautiful sky blue box with a navy blue trim, dressed with a nautical striped bow. It’s very striking, and definitely beats the usual box your perfume would arrive in.

The scent is visually displayed on the front of the box along with the luxurious sounding fragrant name. Inside is a magnificent blue glass bottle generously sized with a hexagonal gold lid which reads ‘Boutique Perfumery’.

Shay & Blue Perfume

Sicilian Limes is obviously sharp, fresh and clean. It has a tangy note with a blend of rosemary, moss, cedar wood and sea salt, and of course the scent of some of the finest limes in the world. It is described as a ‘Casanova of a fragrance’ and ‘Ruthlessly Risky’.

This perfume is unisex, although we think it’s better suited to a male.

Framboise Noire: The name itself makes me want to indulge in some sort of dark chocolate and raspberry pudding, and the smell is just as good. If you could describe sensual as an aroma, this would be it. Shay and Blue have a description on their site that I couldn’t agree more with, the brand uses phrases such as ‘heart of the black woods’ , plumb the depths of rare forest berries’ and ‘succumb to the thrill’ – all an unflawed description of the stunning Framboise Noire.

Shay and Blue also do a stunning candle selection that come in all of their signature scents.

Visit them at:
80 York St

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