Seen in the City have scoured the high street to take a look at what’s best on the organic market for hair care…

If you suffer from winter hair (we’re talking dryness, frizz and breakage) Olive Oil or Coconut Oil has a great effect for boosting shine and nourishing your thirsty locks. However it’s messy, belongs in the kitchen and can leave you in a greasy state.

Daniel Galvin Junior has come up with a better option, The Anti-Oxidant Hair Masque. This hypoallergenic all organic hero contains the expected argan and coconut oils along with castor oils and vitamins C&E to encourage growth and protect colour. This cocktail of essentials for your hair softens, nourishes and strengthens.

Daniel Galvin Junior for winter hair

The masque has a creamy, thick but light consistency that makes it easy to apply and the citrusy delectable scent makes the process even better.

After shampooing your hair, apply the product generously throughout your locks concentrating on the tips. Microwave a damp towel for 35 seconds (interesting!) wrap your hair up in it and let the moisturising magic begin. Penetrating your hair from root to tip the combination of oils work in sync to hydrate your hair from the inside out for 25 minutes. For even better results, immerse yourself in a hot steamy bath (why would you not?).

Once the time is up, rinse thoroughly and there you have it, the winter winds have been beaten! Hair becomes intensely conditioned and fantastically shiny! Ready to be styled.

This luscious liquid doesn’t come with a hefty price tag either, retailing at just £6.00 available from

Daniel Galvin Junior for winter hair

This Anti-Oxidant masque isn’t for everyday use, so Daniel Galvin Junior has also developed Oh! OrganicHead Everday Shampoo and Conditioner. All the vital oils your hair needs to stay healthy are united in these fresh products, again smelling delightfully citrusy they contain aloe vera, sweet orange oil and lemon peel.

The bottles have a luxury feel to them, with a black background and hint of blue in the name, the colour used differs throughout the Oh! range, each colour being individual to a product. You can differentiate the shampoo from the conditioner with an easy to recognise matt or shine finish.

Daniel Galvin Jnr is one of the world’s most wanted colourists! He runs a team of experienced hair aficionados at his salon in Belgravia which provides clients with optimum results and great service. The Daniel Galvin Jnr brand has always believed in the mutual benefits of high end natural products that are sourced responsibly and has been knowns for lobbying on behalf of the hair industry to help the benefit of organic products.

The products I have used are just a small segment of what is available form Daniel Galvin Jnr, he also has a range for children which comes in kid friendly packaging to make bath time a little more exciting.

Cleansing products specific to oily, blonde and brunette hair are available and of course styling products too such as a volume lifter, mousse and hairspray all fall under the Oh! OrganicHead range.

Give it a go!


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