Nestled in between Farringdon and Barbican lies a hidden French gem, Comptoir Gascon.

Comptoir Gascon is a place where the food is delicious, rustic and hearty- a breath of fresh air amidst the usual French cuisine faire of tiny portions with names you can’t pronounce.

Comptoir Gascon

 The difference between Comptoir Gascon and a lot of other French restaurants is that they specialise in Southern French cuisine, so you’re talking sweet succulent duck and heaps of goose fat. Let’s just say as a disclaimer that this is not a low fat restaurant, and with the delectable goodies they have on offer, don’t go if you plan on eating a salad and mineral water. Comptior Gascon is all about gut busting indulgence, the food is rich and ambience relaxed and non-pretentious. The décor features plush purple velvet chairs, stone brick walls and a wide selection of wine and other French goodies on display to entice customers. There is a wonderful bistro atmosphere which allows customers to really sit back and enjoy their evening.

The laidback vibe is echoed in the menu, The Piggie Treats being a particular favourite with those craving salty, fatty goodness washed down with copious amounts of good red wine.

However, the dish they’re most famous for is indeed the Foie Gras burger, we all know foie gras is controversial and even more so by sticking it in between two burger buns. Some might argue that foie gras should be enjoyed by itself, some may argue that it shouldn’t be enjoyed at all but the burger is a surprise success.

It’s one of those dishes that shouldn’t work but somehow does. You’ll be full for a long time after, but it’s delightfully decadent which is what both foie gras and a burger should be. Again body con dresses or tight jeans may not be advised as you will need some space.

One of the other wonderful dishes on the menu is the Traditional Cassoule Toulousain, which may require 20 minutes cooking time but believe me it’s worth it because it takes at least 20 minutes to eat it. Not because it’s bad but because it’s rich- just as any cassoulet should be. Smaller than traditional Cassoule it’s a perfect comfort food dish for rainy cold days. (Which is great because we seem to have a lot of those here!) Laced with butter beans, sausage and duck confit in a hearty broth that is served in a rustic terracotta dish. Comptoir Gascon is definitely a place where the emphasis is on utilising fresh, seasonal ingredients and simplistic, time honoured cooking rather than culinary trends.

Now unlike a lot of other French restaurants Comptior Gascon is decently priced and very good quality, did I mention the wine? Also a stone’s throw away from Borough market it’s the perfect location for a lazy lunch followed by a little shopping or a romantic dinner. Either way Comptior Gascon is perfect for those on a budget who still want to enjoy delicious French food without pretension or a hefty price tag.

Comptoir Gascon
63 Charterhouse Street
Tel: 020 7608 0851


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