We’ve found you the perfect travel garment…

Oooooh I’m getting chilly at the mere thought of this cosy garment and my lacking there of it, my just sitting here without it is making me starkly aware of the small but necessary hole in my suitcase for said utility sweater.

Red eye wrap

What have I been doing all this time?! I have been a passenger to near on 15 planes in 2015 and have been in the air a total of 115 hours this year alone! I thought I had struck gold when I came up with the world changing idea of using my childhood teddy, which I obviously have to travel with, as the best aeroplane travel companion you could ask for, doubling as a neck pillow. Clever I know: most people buy this ridiculous slug looking bean-bag pillow which of course will bear no further use to you after the flight and so naturally most (normal) people throw these squishy sacks away (and of course being a throw away purchase nobody buys an expensive squishy pillow that will actually give your neck any real support). Now, if you have an awesome shaped teddy like my Gog, you can make an already necessary addition to your luggage (acting as your guaranteed best friend when you find yourself on some lonely stretch of your journeys) a useful multitalented flight companion, a helpful and friendly neck support. If that isn’t multipurpose I don’t know what is.

But, no, as if to blow my incredible niftiness out of the air, along comes Betabrand with their inventive cabin cardigan – the Red-Eye Wrap. Leagues beyond the hybrid Slanket which is a sofa-suitable blanket with sleeves, the Red-Eye Wrap is a neat and stylish wearable alternative to the communal cabin blankets.

Red eye wrap

A fully enveloping relaxed wrap around and button up sweater in comfortable brushed jersey fabric, the perfect shield to the brisk and artificial cabin air. The Red-Eye Wrap not only acts as a warm jumper hybrid, almost self-evidently also features a built in eye mask in the hood of the wrap, making it the most comprehensive socially-acceptable outdoor sleeping apparel around. There are also rather chic thumb wholes at the cuffs of the sleeves to keep your wrists warm and look really 90’s cool. There are also two internal zip pockets for those overseas valuables which everyone wants in their reach but out of sight when asleep on a plane – the Red-Eye Wrap solves the conundrum of where best to put your passport, in the internal breast pocket, of course. Also, to up the ante on this already perfect travel product, the inside left pocket doubles as a stuff sack for the wrap, as if to make this already sufficiently petit blanket even more compact! And, naturally, no sweater is complete without two handy hand pockets.


Why did no one think of this before, this is the ultimately efficient public snoozing product on the market.

I am glad Betabrand did, and coupled with a pair of Straight Leg Dress Pant Yoga Pants I am set to have the most credibly satisfying travel ever, like the most inclusive Business–class comfort and luxury flight everywhere I go, and all from a Jersey sweater and a pair Yoga Pants. I love it.

I can’t wait for Betabrand to give me more travel-friendly convenience clothing. And after only a few days of releasing the Red-Eye Wrap the Crowdfunding clothing company more than quadrupled its budget goal they can only get more comfy and more stylish from here on in.

Betabrand is a brilliantly clever and economically ingenious Crowdfunding scheme which is purely dependant on its online community base. The clothing is an amalgamation between the comfort and ingenuity utility clothing combined with a stylish and professional appearance. Since the boom of street-couture of AW14 and even prior to the Designer’s reception of the trend, the fashion community has been fingering the gap in the industry for  multipurpose chic-utility all-day wear, enabling you to go from work, to coffee, to dinner, to the gym and out or home without 4/5 different outfit changes, not just for the function of the style of outfit suiting different purposes in your day,  but also for the sake of changing into ‘something more comfortable’. Now, with the breakthrough of Betabrand, classy clothes are also comfy clothes – and with pockets. I have been awaiting the day that female trousers had pockets again, its only a matter of time before dresses and skirt all do too! I now can’t wait until Betabrand have UK base, though in this day and age you can purchase from USA and ship overseas, I will not be satisfied until this idea takes over and we have the most functional brand ever. It’s a brand designed by us, voted in by us and funded by us, perfect for the comfort chasing travel aficionado!



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