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No matter your current stage in life, you will undoubtedly at some point be in need of a new suit. For, like shoes, one can never have too many. And if you are looking for a suit that is more than a suit, we have the ideal place for you to go. For we believe presentation falls way beneath the surface of a piece of clothing, and the care, tailoring and craftmanship has great influence upon the pieces you wear on your back.
Gresham Blake We also know that buying a suit can sometimes feel a little intimidating- we’ve all been there. The steely gaze from the shop assistant as we eye up the pristine jackets hung in a forlorn, wilted state, the feel that even our breath may disturb the fabrics. Which is where Gresham Blake comes in.  Gresham’s relaxed approached offers a welcome alternative to other pretentious names, whilst never compromising on quality, level of service or professionalism; allowing you to relax.

“For too long tailoring has been thought of as elitist and, frankly, a bit stuffy. We want to make it accessible, friendlier- whether you’re a businessman, banker or a builder…”

After all, a suit is more than just a purchase- it is an investment. It is the face of ‘you’. Whether assisting you on your job or reassuring you whilst you say ‘I do’ to your significant other , your suit is your wingman. And you don’t want to get it wrong. Gresham Blake will ensure your suit does not get neglected and left in the back of your wardrobe, it will be your second-skin, something to be proud of, and something you will wear for years to come.

Gresham Blake

And if you are perhaps concerned that the word ‘practical’ means unequivocally dull, you have no worries. For Gresham’s unique skill and undoubtedly exciting, creative flair is unleashed on many aspects of his collections, so you can look suave, but still cool too.

Oozing personality with an edge of quirkiness, you can pick up an ingeniously crafted apple or lipstick-printed shirt, (among many others) or perhaps a Jimmy Car tie? There is something to suit everyone, allowing an outfit which has for so long been perceived as stuffy and boring to be injected with life, to ooze the personality behind the wool, cashmere and cufflinks.

The business was started just fifteen years ago at the height of ‘Cool Brittania” in 2000 by Gresham and his wife Fal. Placing its roots in the culture-rich, design wacky, extroverted location of Brighton’s Laines, the innovative store fitted in perfectly, cementing over the niche that was a present at the time. Since then, Gresham’s wonderfully eye-catching creations have sparked interest with a celebrity clientele including Ray Winstone, Steve Cooggan, Jimmy Page, Plan B and Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim), all of whom have brought him fashion industry recognition over the years, as well as an ever-growing army of loyal clientele and customers attracted by his signature combination of quality garments with a quirky twist.

Gresham Blake

2012 saw the brand expanding into London’s own quirky area of Shoreditch- the perfect location to play homage to the wickedly wonderful world of Gresham Blake. All of the items are created from the highest quality cloths from British mills and they weave their own in house fabrics which are unavailable anywhere else. They also carry extensive ranges of city tweeds and mohair’s and are said to “have made suits from everything imaginable!”

Gresham was raised in Tunbridge Wells, inheriting his needlework skills from him Mother who was a talented seamstress and teacher, and by the age of four Gresham was already putting his tailoring skills to use by creating apparel and matching accessories for his Action Man collection.

Gresham Blake

Gresham briefly considered a career as a sculptor but went on to study fashion at Brighton University, following in the footsteps of former alumni Barbara Hulanicki. Gresham Blake provide three distinct tailoring services which allow you to choose the perfect suit for your needs.

This includes a fully bespoke service which is designed and tailored personally with Gresham, a made to measure service, and their ready to wear collections. They also offer bespoke shirts, linings and ties as well as corporate wear, and some really great accessories too.

All these are available at their Brighton Shop and for the convenience of their clients, they have a fitting room in South Molton Street, London, open by appointment only.

Here are some of our favourite picks..

Visit Gresham Blake’s website here

LONDON: 020 7375 0365

BRIGHTON: 01273 609 587

WEB ORDERS: 01273 622489


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