Heritage, Liberty and Nostalgia are the three words that come to mind with Roy Rogers vintage collection.

Incorporating a truly classic feel with creative valour, I present to you Roy Rogers Rugged Collection.
Roy Rogers Rugged collection
Roy Rogers has created a heritage collection of vintage inspired pieces, featuring a unique eye for details such as raw selvedge denim, contrast stitching and vegetal tanned labels. It is the strong flavours of the past that make this particular brand so coveted, whilst also combining modern day techniques. It is true to its mantra: ‘There can be no future without an authentic history.’

Inspired by the historic archives of the company, the collection celebrates the accumulated imagination of the American world of the 40’s and 50’s. A desirable subculture, providing legacies in fashion, music and art, it is a cesspool of inspiration. Alternative to regular menswear lines, the Rugged Collection offers true to its roots, quality denim and hand-made in Italy pieces.

Roy Rogers Rugged collection

The collection is a journey throughout legitimacy. From American imagery, hot-rods and bike inspirations to washed chambrays, each piece represents our wonderfully stylised view of what the USA is – authentic spirits enduring the freedom of the USA freeways. The Roy Rogers label was emblematic of American style ‘rugged-cool’ for two Italian generations.

Roy Rogers Rugged collection

The brand had even been featured in a song ‘Those years’ by Italian cult band ‘883’ invoking a lost youth – ‘those years when we wore Roy Rogers jeans.’ To bestow a modern twist with a vintage tradition, Rogers’ Rugged chose for this implicative photo set models Jimmy Q, a pro skateboarder and tattoo artist, and Ricki Hall, who has been nominated from Esquire Weekly ‘The man with the most influential haircut in Britain’ this year.

A deeply evocative photo-shooting seen through the lens of the camera of the photographer Luca Campri.

Roy Rogers Rugged collection

To view the full collection, click here

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