Julien Plumart Brighton – a coffee shop with a difference…

Brighton is a place abuzz with coffee shops; each corner bears the similar flat whites, hipster residents and flavoured teas and if you are looking for somewhere a little different, you can be hard pressed to find just that. And this is where Julien Plumart Brighton comes in.

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Julien Plumart Brighton

Modern and decadent, Julien Plumart Brighton is a true gem, offering not just a coffee shop, but something a little more personal, a little more elegant and a whole lot more sexyThe exterior is elegant, mysterious and beautiful, eluding a French-charm and mystique, inviting you in with a rainbow coloured display of goodies.

Macarons, cakes and pastries fill the window display in an array of enticing colours and an outdoor seating area means you can enjoy your pastry as you watch the world go by.

From the classic to the creative, you will find the menu brimming with a tantalizing array of treats, and for those fancying something a little more savoury, a lunch menu is available too. Each of Julien’s sumptuous creations are a culmination of his memories, experiences and deep seated desire for perfection; all with their very own story to tell; and this love and passion shines through with each and every mouthful. Julien likes to take time-honoured traditions and classic flavour combinations and inject them with creativity, fun and ingenuity to ensure an unforgettable bite that will leave a taste on your tongue long after the crumbs have been wiped from your plate.

And this is obvious with each delicacy you order, for right down to the tiny decorations on top of the mousse cakes and the most delicate hints of flavours in each pastry, you can tell that nothing has been compromised and great love and passion has gone into each recipe. Each bite of the sumptuous flavours arouses each sense and transports you into a sweet Parisian heaven.

Aside from the large selection of alluring mousse cakes, pastries and other delights, the signature creation are his Macarons. With every flavour from Lemon Curd, Mojito or Black Forest to Lavender Toffee, classic Rose or Salted Caramel, there are over twenty-four perfectly crafted flavours which truly taste as good as they look .

Julien plumart

Each ingredient is of the highest quality including Valrhona chocolate, French butter and Rare Tea Company tea.

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 Voted one of the best independent places to enjoy patisserie in Brighton by Britain’s Best bakery, one of the best tea rooms in Britain by the Independent and in UK’s Great Cake Places as one of the top recommended cake places in the UK, it is clear why this is such a success.

So head on down to Julien’s boutique and patisserie for a true treat that will leave you wanting more…

Julien Plumart Brighton
48 Queens Rd


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