This fashion week The House of iKons brand continued to go from strength to strength showcasing a number of wonderful designers at the Hilton Paddington.

Glamorous as ever Savita Kaye pulled off yet another breathtaking show. House of iKons AW16 featured a number of international designers fitting with the fact that they are enjoying even more international success recently. Teaming up with the Princes Trust their 2016 show was not only fantastic to watch but all done with a great cause in mind.

Robyn Levy

The show opener was Brooklyn based Robyn Levy who started the show with an explosion of attitude and fierceness. Nearly all of the collection was monochrome. Featuring a lot of crop tops, lace pencil skirts and skin tight trousers teamed with towering heels. This designer had a youthful energy which definitely showed through their designs. Without a doubt that had a certain edginess to them, but pretty much all of the outfits were wearable.

Innu London

This collection was a tale of perfect balance. The models graced the runway with either suede buckled jackets and heels or leather trousers and strips of duck tape across their chests. There were a few loose fitting metallic garments but in general every look was tightly wrapped (literally) and well put together in a clean and harmonious way. The end of the collection  featured a stunning red suede jacket and military style boots which left every anxious Instagrammer reaching for their phones to snap.

Wolfgang Gieler

Hailing from Beijing this innovative shoe designer injected colour into the catwalk but only through the shoes. The models wore mainly plain black lingerie or leotards so that all of the emphasis was on the shoes (at the end of those mile long legs of course!) There were a variety of metallic hues making their way along the runway to the beat of Pharrell William’s ‘Gust Of Wind’. Also there were designs in tartan and sheepskin to add a different texture to the collection. There were also quite a few flat shoes ranging from studded pumps to hot pink suede boots. Gieler also showed a few menswear pieces consisting again of a mix of metallic and snakeskin designs. A particular favourite being the ruby red high tops that hit the runway with an explosion of vibrant colour against the muted black.

Jaki penalosa

This popular Phillipino designer indicated that it was all in the details. The palette was earthy consisting of beige, browns and blacks. The whole collection has a natural almost weightless quality to it with soft flowing fabrics such as linen and cotton, all decorated with the most intricate of motifs and geometric designs. She also featured some high necked floor length gowns that swept the runway with understated elegance, proving that a gown doesn’t need to be laden in sequins in order for it to be a jaw dropper. All teamed with chunky chokers and oversized earrings to give the designs a wearable edge.

Luxury by Feyi

This collection was multifaceted and the tones and colours it brought to the runway were gorgeous. A lot of the garments were reversible but still they maintained a signature paisley print throughout. It was also a collection that played with structure and shape, with flared out shoulders and skirts giving a playful, youthful vibe. Then bouncy ruffled mini skirts and floor length textured princess gowns with strategically placed sequin circles and stars. There were also stunning fishtail v neck gowns – it was a collection that wasn’t afraid to experiment with all different elements of colour and shape. There was also heaps of embellishments that glittered under the lights and demonstrated just why Feyi is a luxury brand.

Haus of Mohawk

The initial outfit was a stunning sequinned dress that glimmered in the lights as the model sacheted down the runway to Etta James’s ‘At Last’.  The young Irish designer’s collection also included dresses of red satin and silk which were understand and undeniably sexy. These dresses were show stoppers with heaps of sequins and cut out backs. The colours were bold and beautiful and glided down the catwalk with ease. These were dresses that wouldn’t look out of place on the red carpet and not only were they incredibly glamorous they looked extremely wearable.

Mitch Desunia

The designer to close the show was Mitch Desunia and their collection consisted of a mixture of bridal/evening wear. Without doubt dramatic but these dresses were made for the runway as you needed movement to see the intricate designs caught under the flash bulbs. Such exquisite embroidery upon lace panelling and sheer detailing. The colour pallet was mainly neutral letting the designs speak for themselves but there were occasional hints of gold embellishments to truly take people’s breath away. The last piece was a show stopper, a tightly bodiced cream gown with an enormous amount of volume under the skirt. The model posed accordingly to truly show the beauty of this gown and due to the gasps from the audience I think it’s clear to see why they chose to close the show with this piece.



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