The Breakfast Club Brighton is your ultimate way to start the day

Here at Seen in the City, we believe breakfast is underrated. Why is dinner such a fanfare, yet breakfast so significantly neglected? Who says you can’t start your day with a gut-busting, mouth-watering feast? With so many venues dedicating their names and their menus to lunches and evening meals, why not turn convention on its head and celebrate those early mornings. Make those alarm clocks worth getting up for and start you day in the best way possible.

The Breakfast Club Brighton

Well this is where the Breakfast Club comes in. As if clue isn’t enough in the name, this is a venue where breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. This is a venue when a fry-up from your local greasy spoon doesn’t quite cut it. When you want thick cut bread, mountains of pancakes lathered in gooey syrup and plump strawberries, where you want a whole range of juices and teas to choose from.

The Breakfast Club Brighton

My partner and I headed down to the The Breakfast Club Brighton branch – it has only been open since May 2015– to sample what this eclectic venue has to offer. Situated in the North Laines this venue encapsulates the quirks of Brighton and offers somewhere to nurse those Friday night hangovers, to celebrate an occasion or to simply relax with friends. The first thing I am surprised about is just how busy it is – the queue stretches out the door- something which displays the popularity of such place and has others wondering just why it hasn’t been done before.
For a breakfast beverage, you can forget the plain old PG Tips, for drink options here are vast and varied – from Earl Grey to Fresh ginger and Lemon – and incase you’re thinking it’s one of those pretentious, prissy coffee-shop places, you’re wrong.

The Breakfast Club BrightonSmoothies, milk shakes, coffees and cocktails all adorn the menu- from a bloody Mary to shake off those post-party shudders to a Green juice for an invigorating health boost. Drinks are served quickly and by staff that are only too happy to help.
The menu itself is filled with the greatest of breakfast delights- the full English, granola and eggs benedict, as well as much, much more. I chose the full English, whilst my partner went for the pancakes.
Now this is a full English that makes you proud to call it such. Succulent sausages, deliciously cooked bacon, toast and some of the best potatoes I’ve ever tried, accumulate to a morning meal that will leave you not  hungry for the majority of the rest of the day. This was easily one of the best fry-ups I’ve ever eaten- not greasy and packed with sumptuous punches of flavour.

The Breakfast Club Brighton
My partner’s pancakes were also a real treat. Forget any soggy, small breakfast pancakes for these take those pitiful offerings and, excuse the pun, quite literally flip them on their head. Fluffy, light and a real feast for the eyes as well as the mouth, these are pancakes you wont forget in a hurry. Covered in a delicious vanilla cream and a very healthy offering of berries, the hot sweetness of the pancakes, the cold, smooth lick of cream and the sweet tang of the fruit will have you wondering why you didn’t discover this sooner.

The Breakfast Club BrightonThe Breakfast Club is atmospheric, delicious and somewhere you can hide a hangover in the shadows or bask in the sun-filled windows with your Mother – it is somewhere for a treat and really good food, but somewhere that is not pretentious and not in the least way stuffy. The eclectic vibe, soft music and contemporary setting are an ideal way to start your day. So pack in those bran flakes and that builders tea and head down to the Breakfast Club, for it sure is something you need to be a part of.

Visit The Breakfast Club Brighton website here


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