Visit the Flat Iron for food that is fast and fabulous without the fuss.

Sometimes it’s nice to go to a fancy restaurant and be surrounded with a plethora of choices, the sort of menus which you can ponder and pore over, debating between the vast ranges. And sometimes you just want something good, easy and delicious- and that comes in the form of Flat Iron at Covent Garden.

Flat iron covent garden

Offering a modest menu of steak and burger, this is steak that is good, comforting and just delicious. The burger succulent and juicy and the steak (recommended to be medium-rare) oozing flavour, delicately soft and melt-in-your-mouth.
The restaurant itself is quirky, rustic and cosy. Candles are lit as the sun sets and music plays softly in the background. But in no way is this a soppy venue. This is a restaurant that can cater for a date night just as well as a dinner with friends or a lunchtime meeting.

Flat iron covent gardenFlat iron covent garden
Small touches work to differentiate this from your average meal – a cup of fresh popcorn on arrival and a coupon for a complimentary sundae when you leave. Mini meat cleavers instead of knives and rustic pepper grinders show this is no poncy meal, this is strong, and something not to forget- a  fair reflection of the culinary offerings. This is no restaurant if you want a salad or if you care about getting ketchup round your face, but in no way is this a fast-food chain. It a restaurant that finds the right balance between comfort dining and somewhere a little special. Somewhere you know you’ll feel right at home and know what you’re there for.

Flat iron covent garden

Flat iron covent gardenThere’s no chance of being disappointed and with the steak being the main choice of offering you know they know how to cook this and to cook it well. The steak is priced at £10 and there are sides on offer for about £3 apiece. These include dripping chips, ‘today’s market greens’ and creamed spinach. (Word of warning – If you don’t go for the chips, you will experience food envy from anyone that does- save the agro and just get them.)

Flat iron covent garden Flat iron covent garden

Flat Iron offers a special dessert (when we went it was a rhubarb ice cream) or you can take a coupon for a free ice cream sundae on departure.

Flat iron covent garden

This is a restaurant that offers fast and fabulous food without the fuss. For a real steak treat look no further than the Flat Iron Covent Garden.

17-18 Henrietta St
Covent Garden

Photos credit to Natasha Colyer (website here)


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