We ‘Dish the dirt’ on our top cleaning tips and products…

We all know that familiar slog – getting in from a busy day at work or a night out and having to remove your make-up. What seemed like a beautifully contoured masterpiece that morning now feels like the worst decision. If only you’d decided to brave the day bare-faced, this mundane chore would not have to be done. Yet morning rolls round again, the MAC products come out and the routine repeats.
And this is where the importance of a good cleansing routine comes in…

When to cleanse

WHilst common myths state you should wash twice a day, overwashing can lead to irritation and your skin drying up due to lack of moisture. Make sure to always wash your after a workout and twice a day if excessively oily. Otherwise, just once in the evening is fine.

What to use…

For your eyes

The skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate areas of your face and it’s important to avoid harsh cleansers. These can dry out the skin and increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as causing irritation. To help eridicate these, we suggest DECLÉOR’s aroma-cleanse refreshing eye make up remover. This treatment works in two ways – to leave the skin soft and refreshed and also beautifully clean. Infused with Camellia oil to help comfort and nourish the skin, it wipes all traces of make-up clean away, including persistant waterproof mascars. The addition of Corn Flower Water to the cleanser soothes and de congests the skin as well as reducing those pesky dark under-eye circles. Use with cotton wool buds and wipe away makeup gently. Do not scrub! This make up remover is superbly light and refreshing, leaving your skin feeling supple, refreshed and light. Your eyes don’t feel irritated and the makeup is swept away easily.
Price: £24
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Another eye cleanser we are in love with, is Embryolisse Micellar lotion. This product cleans skin as well as removing stubborn makeup. And unlike other cleansers which can irritate the eyes, this is super gentle and leaves your eyes feeling soft, refreshed and well cared-for. Ingredients include camomile, witch hazel and cornflower meaning it won’t irritate the skin and is ideal if your skin is on the sensitive side.
Price: £15.99
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facial cleansing tips

For your face

Regular soaps can be very harsh on your skin, which is why you should opt for a cleanser tailored towards your specific skin type.  Our recommendation would be DECLÉOR’s Aroma-Cleanse essential cleansing milk. This is beautifully light, yet professional-strength, meaning it effortlessly removes makeup and dirt from the skin. As well as being beautifully smooth and supple against the skin, it smells beautiful – thanks to the addition of Neroil Essential oil to the ingredients. This also helps to protect, repair and fight against dehydration, leaving the skin moisturised, clean and protected. Other active ingredients include detoxifying Green Tea Essential Water which helps to remove dirt and tighten pores. Pour a small amount onto cotton wool and wipe in smooth upwards movement over your face. Use once in the morning and once in the evening.
Price: £20.50
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facial cleansing tips

Your make up brushes

Recent studies have show that levels of bacteria on makeup brushes increase to a number that is unmeasurable after just one month, we’re then transferring all of this onto our clean faces! This is where Look Good Feel Better’s new range of Anti-Bacterial makeup brushes come in. In clinical trials they were shown to stop bacteria from taking hold and to reduce the presence of E-Coli by almost 100%. The set contains four different brushes as well as a protective pouch to keep them all in. There is a large multi-tasking brush which is extremely versatile, meaning it allows effortless application of bronzer, powder or blusher, a round foundation brush ideal for blending foundation evenly, and eye shading brush with a flat-headed tip to accurately buffer around the eye and a lip brush with a soft tip and slim handle for ultimate control. And not only do they keep dirt and germs from your face, but in a jazzy pink, they look fabulous too!
Price £35
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facial cleansing tips

However, it is likely you have other makeup brushes too, and it is vital these are kept clean. We love Dior’s brush cleanser, being super quick drying this antibacterial lotion is the ultimate in practicality. All you do is spray onto a tissue then wipe your makeup brush on the wetted tissue- simple.
Price: £15
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Facial cleansing tips

What are your top cleansing tips? Do you swear by any products?
Let us know in the comments below…


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