London is getting a Prosecco festival – all you need to know

London's coolest new event - the Prosecco Festival...

London Prosecco Festival

Get ready for London’s first Prosecco Festival…

Festival’s are a great way to celebrate the love of something – music festivals after all, are one of the top events of the year and a great way to celebrate our love of the top artists and songs. But we have a new type of festival which is really worth toasting to – London is opening its first Prosecco Festival!

Running over a long weekend in May – Friday 12th to Sunday the 14th, the aptly dubbed Prosecco Springs is a chance for all fans of the fizz to meet the creators and try a range of different Prosecco’s flown from Italy itself.
This sparkling tipple has raised in profile significantly in the past few years – even more so since finding out it is packed with health benefits – and now you have a chance to find out exactly where it comes from and how it is made. Over the three days you will be able to experience tasting, masterclasses and a whole range of delicious food such as cicchetti, antipasti and Italian cheese to accompany the fizz. London Prosecco Festival

Tickets start at £35 and include eight different glasses from the top eight Italian producers (it’s a good job Cambridge Heath station is just a short stumble away!) Anyone attending masterclasses will get to learn the art of Prosecco quaffing and anyone who just wants to revel in the atmosphere, Oval Space music team are putting together a line up of impressive music acts with live jazz and DJs spanning across the whole of the Prosecco Festival weekend.

Plus, if you find a bottle you really like, you can purchase your favourites from the festival bottle shop!

To buy tickets and find out more about the Prosecco Festival click here and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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