Ministry of Sound brings fun and fat-fighting together with their new concept- Ministry does Fitness

Some things just go together – fish & chips, sea & sand, Beyonce & Jay-Z. And some things, Britain & sunshine, 9am meetings & hangovers, lipgloss & windy weather, which really don’t. But for anyone who has said crunches and cocktails don’t mix, Ministry of Sound have defied this and opened their own fitness club – Ministry does Fitness – a first for the big city. Recent years have seen the marrying of fitness and fun taken to all new heights and now one of London’s most legendary club’s has gone and caught the bug.

ministry of fitness

Encompassing their twenty-five year stead as an institute defining British club culture, they are bringing the freshest beats, biggest sound systems, legendary coaches, unique and epic full-body interval training program and bar together for an experience unlike any other. They are taking the regular gym experience – often boring, unstructured and uninspiring and turning it into something exciting, thrilling and really good fun.

And just in case you’re envisaging a bar selling only protein shakes, green juices and sparkling water, you’re wrong – they will over a boozy bar with a range of cocktails and treats.

Classes run from 6:15am all day and the space doesn’t close until 11pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for anyone who wants to make an evening on it. The club is part of Ministry of Sound’s mission to challenge the idea that fitness lovers can’t indulge every now and again. Price wise you can indulge in an introductory offer of 7 days unlimited use for £14, then after that it is £14 for one session or you can buy in bulk to save on cost. This goes from £65 for 5 sessions to be used over two months, to £500 for 50 sessions (working out at just £10 a session) which can be used over a period of 12 months.

Head down to Ministry Does Fitness at The Arches, Arches 80 and 81, Newington Court, SE1 6DD.


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