Let T-Tox help with you new years resolutions…

January is done. New Years resolutions have all but faded into a long-distance memory and now is when the fitness motivation really starts to struggle. The initial buzz of ‘New year New Me’ is as fizzled and dry as Dry January and now is when you’re all but ready to cave and slip back into your old habits. But don’t. For we have something that will help keep you on track – T-Tox.

t-tox review fitness

And before you jump to conclusions of other “healthy” tea brands which promise to help you lose weight and in reality pump you full of laxatives, T-Tox is different. Jam packed with healthy ingredients, T-Tox Matcha comes in three different flavours, each designed to assist you with exercise and working out.

Matcha energise blends together a mix of Japanese Matcha green tea powder with ginger, guarana, ginseng and gingko biloba to prepare you for physical activity. Matcha health contains matcha green tea powder and moringa powder for overall performance improvement. Matcha recovery is ideal for helping recovery after exercise, thanks to the blend of matcha green tea powder, peppermint, nettle, milk thistle, spirulina and lavender.t-tox review fitness

“But why don’t I just have a cup of green tea?” You may ask. Well it has been proven that one cup of Matcha tea has as many health benefits as ten cups of green tea! Some of the benefits of Matcha tea include:

◆ Boosts metabolism and burns calories
◆ Detoxifies effectively and naturally
◆ Calms the mind and relaxes the body
◆ Is rich in fibre, chlorophyll and vitamins
◆ Enhances mood and aids in concentration
◆ Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
◆ Increased energy and less fatigue.

And it doesn’t taste too bad either. Whilst it’s not as delicious as your favourite hot chocolate with whipped cream and added marshmallows, it is not a grimace-inducing concoction as we have tried with so many health drinks. Whisk up the powder in one of T-Tox’s glass shakers (it retains the temperature of your drink, is easy to clean and doesn’t leak chemicals into your drink) and enjoy during, before, or after a workout.t-tox review fitness

The teas are priced at £25 a tin and the glass shaker £15. With each tin providing around 40 servings, it works out at a very reasonable 62 pence per cup.

Take a look at their full collection here and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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