Once you visit Canada, you’ll spend the rest of your time wishing you were there again…

The world’s second biggest country boasts an infinite supply of landscapes, from the demanding scenery of the Canadian Rockies, to the Polar Bear dominated North, all the way to its plethora of vibrant cities. Canada is enchanting, and will have you under its spell as soon as you hop off the plane. Here is a list of things you just can’t miss…Why visit Canada

Niagara Falls

Why visit Canada

Eighty miles from the bustling super-city of Toronto lies the world-famous Niagara Falls. The name Niagara Falls is the collective term for three waterfalls in the area – Bridal Falls, American Falls and Canadian Falls. The perfect day spent at the falls consists of a trip on the Hornblower boat, which allows you to experience the sheer power and beauty of these immense waterfalls. You’ll certainly be soaked afterwards, but it is most definitely worth it. There’s plenty to do around Niagara on the Lake, such as amusements, Casinos, shops and hotels. You can also cross the border into New York State, which is worth the trip, providing you have a visa!

The CitiesWhy visit Canada


Vancouver exquisitely balances the hustle and bustle of city life, with the tranquil influence of nature. The exuberant West Coast city is culturally rich, and there is constantly a buzz. On the contrary, you can escape to Stanley Park for a nature-filled bike ride, or even take an evening walk along the harbor.


Why visit Canada

The captivating mix-up between Canadian and French culture gives Montréal a unique and irresistible feel. At times, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to France – the city excels at exuding historic authenticity. Because of the French-English combination, there are so many exciting dishes to indulge in, making it the ultimate hub for foodies.

Québec City

Why visit Canada

Old Québec City is unlike any other Canadian city. Embellished with French-style architecture and cobbled streets, blossoming with boutique shops and restaurants which are to die for, Québec is incredibly romantic, and has a peculiarly homely feel. Undoubtedly, the best way to experience the city is by staying the luxury Château Frontenac, the iconic and fairy tale style hotel which dominates the city skyline.

The Rockies

The Canadian Rockies span from Alberta to British Columbia, and are utterly awe-inspiring. Expect to see monstrous snow-topped mountains with quaint Alpine towns resting within their vast valleys. Despite the scale of land the Rockies dominate, the places you just can’t miss include, Banff, Whistler and Lake Louise.


Why visit Canada

Banff is simply picture-perfect. Imagine sweeping mountain landscapes, sprinkled with rich greenery, and topped off with breathtakingly glacial waters. Established in 1885, Banff National Park is the oldest in Canada, and has been a thriving hot-spot ever since.

One of the things you cannot miss, is taking a trip to Banff Hot Springs, and taking a dip in the warm waters.

Although Banff consists of unbeatable scenery and unique wildlife, there is large town nestled amongst the mountains which has everything you’d ever need. There are also numerous hotels, offering roof-top hot tubs so you can admire the scenery in style.


Stunning both in winter and in summer, the Olympic village of Whistler is a must-see. Whistler is famed for its unbeatable skiing opportunities and vast alpine scenery. It is the perfect location to take a long nature walk and admire the plethora of lakes and mountains which are so beautifully located.

Indulge in some retail-therapy with the array of shops the village has to offer, and enjoy a spot of lunch in one of the many restaurants and cafes. Like Banff, there are countless lodge-style hotels which are perfect to retreat to after a long day of exploring.

Lake Louise

Situated near to Banff, Lake Louise offers the most awe-inspiring scenery throughout the entirety of Canada. Experience the power of nature first-hand by taking a trip to Lake Louise, and feel a sense of calm like never before. With crystal clear water which looks good enough to drink, you won’t be able to avert your gaze.

The best way to experience Lake Louise is by canoe, which is available throughout the summer months. There is no better way to appreciate your surroundings than diving straight into them. Although it is slightly pricey, it will be a priceless memory you’ll treasure forever.

Even if you’re visiting Canada during the colder months, Lake Louise freezes over, meaning you can ice skate across it!


As a visitor, the prospect of seeing such incredible animals in the wild is truly exhilarating. Canada is the home to an array of species, most notably the Moose, Grizzly Bear and Black Bear.

You will most likely witness a Bear or a Moose in the wild when visiting Canada, provided you are looking in the right places. Particularly in the Rockies and certain parts of Eastern Canada, there are so many wildlife opportunities.

If you head to the North of Canada, the chance of seeing Polar Bears drastically increases. Seeing a Polar Bear in the wild is an experience of a lifetime, and would be the best souvenir you could return home with. There are so many wildlife tours and organisations that offer the entire viewing experience, which is a really beneficial way of doing it.

Here are a few examples of Wildlife Tours in Canada:

Discover Banff Tours – An excellent way to witness Banff’s wildlife first-hand
Canada Polar Bears – For unique Polar Bear experiences

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