When heading to Copenhagen, you just can’t miss visiting these bars…

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is a city with no limits. It is a city built upon creativity and flare, which is evident in its stylish bar scene. Whether you love a photogenic cocktail or two, cosy Scandinavian interiors, or even unique concept bars, this quirky city has you covered. Here are just a few of the bars you can’t skip a trip to…

copenhagen bars to visit

1The Concept Bar

Nybrogade 10 1203 København K

Located in the oldest area of Copenhagen, Ruby is easy to miss. From the outside, you’ll see a tall, smart building which appears to be entirely unassuming, however, step inside and you’ll be transported back in time. Ruby is a bar like no other – it is styled as a 1920’s Gentlemen’s Club, with rich leather furniture, dim lighting and an enchanting atmosphere.

Ruby can only be discovered by word of mouth, which adds to its quintessentially secretive and exclusive theme. More importantly, expect to sample some of the most irresistible cocktails in the city!

copenhagen bars to visit

2A Feeling of Hygge

Rådhusstræde 7, 1466 København K

The Danish word ‘Hygge’ embodies the feeling of ultimate cosiness – think candles, blankets and good food. Denmark isn’t the world’s happiest country for no reason! If you’re one for a cosy night out, Blød Hat is the place for you.

Blød Hat’s main function is a restaurant, though many people visit simply for a drink and a slice of the irresistible evening atmosphere. The space is bursting with people enjoying delicious food and drink, alongside lively chit chat. Visit Blød Hat if you love the laid-back Scandinavian lifestyle, some homely atmosphere and an exquisite selection of worldwide wines.

copenhagen bars to visit

3Cocktail Central

Nikolaj Plads 25 1067 København

If your idea of a perfect night out on holiday consists of sleek and sophisticated cocktails in a trendy location, Bar 25 is your Copenhagen hotspot. Spend the evening sipping on unbeatable cocktails, which are all created by highly skilled professionals. Or, if you’re all about the interior, you’ll adore the elegant furnishings and quirky touches. 

Discover a menu bursting with exuberant cocktails, which certainly live up to their expectations. The Pink Pokemon cocktail is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth.

copenhagen bars to visit

4For the Wine Enthusiasts

Knabrostræde 25 Copenhagen, Denmark

Visit Tyskenhavn for a dose of genuine Danish hospitality and laid-back service. The staff are incredibly helpful, and strive to serve a drink which meets your tastes precisely. This location is very quaint and simple, and is certainly not in short supply of candles and cosy atmosphere. Experience authentic Hygge as soon as you step inside.
If you’re someone who can appreciate a good bottle of wine, you’re in luck, as Tyskenhavn have a beautiful selection of mouth-watering wines from across the world.

5Board Games and Drinks

Rådhusstræde 13 1466 København

Despite the name, Bastard Cafe is the place to be if you’re a fan of board games. Although this type of bar would not be on most people’s agenda, playing games and having a drink can be a lot of fun. The lively atmosphere and interaction of different groups of people is a quirky and unique way to spend a night out.

Board game bars are becoming increasingly popular and are popping up across many cities around the world.

copenhagen bars to visit

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