Tomtom Touch – the ideal way to track your fitness

The latest fitness tracker to hit the market is the Tomtom touch, a fitness watch which not only tracks your heart rate, steps and sleeping patterns. It is also the first fitness watch to feature body composition analysis, measuring your body fat and muscle mass percentage.

Tom Tom Touch Fitness Watch

The biggest benefit the TomTom Touch has brought to us is its newly developed body composition measurement tool. This is a tool which measures your body fat and muscles mass all with a simple swipe and press of a button on the watch. This is perfect for any gym goer who regularly records their body fat and muscle percentage and uses these metrics to improve their fitness. For me, my goal at the moment is weight loss and having this handy tool to tell me I am losing body fat can be very motivating!

Tom Tom Touch Fitness Watch

The design of the touch is very simple and smooth; it sits perfectly on the wrist taking very little space and can be worn with virtually anything due to its sleek nature. This means if your job involves you wearing a suit or shirt you do not need to worry about it looking untidy, making it the perfect activity band if you are looking to track how active you are throughout the day. You can also choose to purchase an additional strap which comes in 4 different colours to help customize your look. We would say the standard black strap goes with everything, so we probably wouldn’t bother.

Tom Tom Touch Fitness Watch

Sports mode on the TomTom Touch is a great feature and for any sports person it’s ideal, simple to use and with a swipe of the screen you can track your stats for the activity you are taking part in – this will then be transferred over to your mobile device. For us we took part in a two hour squash session and recorded our results, to find out we burnt just over 2000 calories, had a max heart rate of 180, took 8,393 steps with an average heart rate of 129 bpm. I recorded the stats for just over 4 weeks and compared the results to see if any improvements were made, to find that I wasn’t hitting the 180 heart rate in all the sessions I played – This is may be due to me improving or not pushing myself as hard, personally I felt fitter and better so I am going for the first reason.

TomTom Touch Fitness Watch

As I said above, since Christmas my new years resolution has been to lose some weight, but as we all know weight loss should be a slow progress and by losing 2 pounds a week, doesn’t have an instant impact on your appearance which can be demoralising. The TomTom Touch however, is a great way to track the progress and feel like you are making a difference, without having to look in the mirror every week to see the change on your body. Instantly your calorie count or your body fat is available, which you can use to compare to the weeks before.

The app is easy to use and allows you to see all your activities in one place, whether it is a squash match or a gym session. You are able to set goals, view your activity summary, share your results with your friends and compare your results to make sure that you are continuously improving. And with a dashboard which can be tailored to your needs you can track everything that is important to you, to help you hit your goal.

Tom Tom Touch Fitness Watch

Overall the TomTom Touch is a very clever piece of equipment which is certainly worth considering if you are looking to purchase a fitness band. The body composition is a great addition although it did not work for us 100% of the time, on some occasions we would see the dreaded X to tell us it could not record our body fat, which over time become very frustrating. Sport mode is a very useful tool which will benefit anybody; this however is available on other devices. The app is easy to use and the watch is perfect to assist anyone who has some sort of fitness goals. Battery life lasts around 5 days and comes with a USB cable to charge the watch, meaning you don’t have to continuously think about charging it.

If you would like to find out more about this watch or purchase it you can do here.


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