Travel insurance is vital for your holiday, no matter if it’s a long weekend or a month long break…

We caught up with InsureandGo to find out their top tips for travel insurance…

1One insurance policy does not cover everyone

This is an important one. Travel insurance policies cover the individual, so everyone going on a trip needs their own travel insurance; not just the person who booked / paid for the trip. This means that if your trip is cancelled unexpectedly, everyone’s place on the holiday will be covered.

2Home away from home

Many people don’t realise that travel insurance also covers nights and weekends away in the UK, as long as there is a minimum of a 25 miles radius between your home and your accommodation (which needs to be pre-arranged and booked for at least two nights in order to be covered). So if you live in London and you’re spending the weekend with friends in Bath, you’re covered!

3You’re not glued to the waist

Don’t panic! Everyone on an annual multi-trip policy is entitled to travel independently, but children under 18 who travel alone must be dropped off and picked up by a responsible adult aged 18 or over.

4Don’t blame it on the birthday

Many people wonder what age to put down when getting a quote if they have a birthday coming up They need not panic – it doesn’t matter if you have a birthday after you buy the policy, we just need your age at the time you purchase your policy.

5Keep us in the loop

We understand medical circumstances can change, so if anyone named on a policy develops a new medical condition, even if it seems trivial, or has a change in a circumstance that hasn’t already been declared, please contact your insurer and they will amend your policy and provide the relevant advice.  If you don’t let them know and then have to claim for something related to your condition, you won’t be covered.

6We are family

We cover children for free on all our policies. So whether it’s an annual multi-trip policy or single trip cover, your kids can be added for no extra cost. That’s more money for ice creams! Oh and cocktails.

7A Frequently Asked Question

Sounds obvious, but this one can often cause confusion. When should you buy your travel insurance? The answer is you need to buy your policy as soon as you book your trip, so your cover starts immediately. By buying your cover the day you book your holiday, you’re covered for any cancellations and mishaps in the lead-up to your trip too.

8Don’t want to come home?

If you’re enjoying your holiday too much and can’t bring yourself to go home, you can extend your travel insurance policy even if you’re away. You can only extend once, though, and you need to be aware of the following maximum trip durations – 365 days for Budget, Silver, Gold and Black single trip policies and 18 months for Bronze, Silver policies for ski and backpackers policies (maximum age of 65).

9The weird and the wonderful

And finally, we cover a number of adventurous and downright bizarre activities including battle re-enactments for just £20 on top of your single trip policy. We also cover: diving with sharks, zorbing, hang gliding, fencing, gorge swinging and manual labour (in case you want to get a job while you’re backpacking) amongst other things. Now, let’s duel.

*All tips and insight apply to InsureandGo policies and are not necessarily representative of every UK insurance brand


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