When it comes to festivals, we have one that will top the lot – a Cheese Festival…

There’s nowhere you’d rather brie (sorry) on May the 6th and 7th than Camden’s very own cheese festival, celebrating everything great about the dairy-fuelled indulgence we all know and love.

The first event from London Cheese Project, it is run by a team of three – Kristen Schnepp, the owner of Gringa Dairy, Mathew Carver, the owner of The Cheese Truck (which serves mouth-watering cheese toasties from converted 1970s Bedford ice cream trucks) and Patrick McGuian, a cheese writer and one of the first people in the country to study at the Academy of Cheese.Held in celebration of “The great British cheese renaisance” the weekend will see a whole host of cheese eating as well as the opportunity for some education. Patrick McGuian is hosting a series of ticketed talks and tasting in a culture club marquee, including cheese and beer making and discussing the best way to eat cheese.

Patrick McGuigan said: “British cheese has undergone a revolution in recent years and we are now making cheeses that can match anything found on the Continent.”

London cheese festival

“The new generation is pushing the boundaries of cheese in much the same way microbreweries and craft ale pubs have transformed British beer. London is at the forefront of this new wave and we want to capture and convey the dynamism, exuberance and talent of the city’s cheese scene.”

We can’t wait to indulge in some good old street food and try a whole host of new cheeses as well as some of the old ones we know and love. It’s set to be a really fantastic weekend and one not to be missed.

Check out The Cheese Project website for more information here

SAT 6 MAY 2017 – SUN 7 MAY 2017
North Yard Camden


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