The Piano Works brunch

The Piano Works – brunch with a difference (and bottomless prosecco)…

Let’s face it, if you’re getting up for a brunch on a Saturday morning, it better be worth it. We’re talking really worth it. No one is going to drag their hangover-ridden bodies from the warmth of a 12 tog duvet for anything less than spectacular. And if spectacular if what you’re looking for, Piano Works has got it.

The Piano Works brunch

A while back we headed to the Farrindgon eatery/ club for dinner (you can read about that here) and fell in love with the place. Is it a restaurant? Is it a bar? Is it a jazz club? Is it a night club? It’s a blend of all four. And before you picture a sticky-floored, sweaty hub of cheesy music and naff food, think again. It’s clubbing the classy way, with a live band occupying the centre of the floor, a dance area, separate dining area and tables dotted around for those popping in for a cocktail or two.

As soon as we found out they did a Sunday brunch – a Sunday brunch with either bottomless prosecco or bottomless bloody marys, we were off there before you could say bacon and eggs.
It felt odd at 12:30pm to be heading down to the basement of a club, it felt instantly like entering some sort of time warp – as soon as you set foot and hear the music playing, glasses chinking and the smell of fresh food in the air you forget it’s mid day and feel the thrill of evening.
The brunch is reasonably priced £11.50 for a full english, £9.50 for eggs benedict and £5.50 for a bacon bap meaning even if you’ve stretched yourself a little much the night before it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
We ordered the full English each and the bottomless Prosecco (£15) which last two hours. There is little more satisfying than blinking and your prosecco glass is full again!

The Piano Works brunch

The food was delicious, the plate laden heavily with juicy sausages, bacon, eggs and toast. It offered all you could want in a fry up and so much more.
The food was demolished to the sounds of live music – the piano works is unique in the way of its entertainment. You can request the songs the live band plays and we’re talking anything. If they don’t know it, they’ll spend their break learning it. Throughout our lunch we were treated to the likes of Paolo Nuitini, The Killers, Coldplay, Rihanna and Bryan Adams. Celine Dion even snuck in there with a heart rendering jazz mix of my heart will go on.

The Piano Works brunch

As the afternoon wore on, the dance floor was swelling with brunchers, spurned on by the prosecco and bloody mary’s, any hint of a hangover long forgotten. We indulged in a couple of their signature mojito cocktails priced at £7.75 and stayed for a few more songs until it was time to face the day. That was the oddest part – staggering out at 3pm, stomachs full and eyes glistening, ears buzzing with the sounds of music, to a hazy sunday afternoon. It’s the best way to spend a weekend, laughing with friends, relaxing with your partner, eating, drinking and dancing the hours away. We couldn’t recommend it more.

For more information check out The Piano Works website here

113-117 Farringdon Rd


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