Because no outfit is complete without the perfect pair of shoes…

Every woman has been there – the shoe dilemma. What looked so perfect with that little black dress last week just won’t cut it with this shift dress this week. And so much comes into play – colours, weather, event, so what should it be? Sandals, boots, high heels, platforms or flat shoes? Unfortunately fashion is not an exact science and there’s no solution that suits everyone. Here are the main things to think about when deciding on what shoes to wear…

shoes to wear

Firstly you need to consider your outfit – jeans, t-shirts and skirts all demand a different piece of footwear. When it is an event that demands haute couture, the perfect shoe will be the high heel, or a nice sandal if the weather is permitting. When it’s something more casual, you can opt for a trainer or pair of sleek, low pumps.

Another thing to think about is your body type. If you’ve got wide knees and ankles, it’s better not to wear flat shoes and instead opt for a pair of heels which can instantly elongate the leg and slim the feet. If you are tall and want to wear some nice shoes without making yourself taller, there are a range of beautiful flats out there which are both practical whilst also looking great.

Dont forget to stay true to yourself. Don’t just purchase something because it is “in-trend” make sure it fits to your style and taste, after all, it’s better to wear shoes which look great on you, rather than ones that society say you should wear. If you like sparkles  and glitter, don’t choose something plain because it was seen on a catwalk and vice versa.

Shoes are there to complete your outfit and more often than not they can make an outfit what it is. Check fashionla out here and find a whole range of shoe options as well as outfits including from brands such as Hugo Boss, & Other Stories and Boden.


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