When it comes to winter coat shopping, we have you covered…

London Fashion Week is well wrapped up just as it’s time for us to start doing the same. Coats naturally played a starring roll in the catwalk shows and from quilted jackets to nylon macs and the classic trench each style came out to play. But when it comes to choosing your own winter coat, the hardest part? Picking the perfect one to use as your Autumnal staple. For when it comes to picking a coat it has to not only look good, but be both functional and practical too. You need to keep in mind when and where you will be wearing it and what you can wear it with. It is after all, a true wardrobe centrepiece and the item we wear most through the season. It needs to take us from firework displays in muddy fields to trendy parties and rooftop-bar drinks. It needs to be flattering and also accommodate all the layers we’re going to pile beneath it. This is why we’ve taken the tough part of sifting through the styles out there and put together five of the top coats we are lusting after this season and our top tips for buying the perfect winter coat…

1Tip 1: Pick for Quality

Make sure to read each and every label carefully. Look out for cheap acrylics be check that things which are advertised as being made from wool, actually are. Steer clear of polyester if you’re looking for something warm and snug as it’s a bad heat retainer. Don’t be fooled by designer names or high price points either, they can be just as guilty of using cheaper materials.

2Tip 2: Leave room for layers

Yes the coat looks and feels perfect when you try it on in-store with just a T-Shirt on. Roll forward to December and you’re wrapped in a top and large chunky-knit jumper and your coat has no hope of even fastening and your arms have no room to even move. Make sure you allow room for these layers when buying your winter coat (we recommend buying a size larger than your normal clothes size.)

3Tip 3: Choose a style which suits your shape

Don’t just pick a winter coat because it’s in fashion, make sure it looks great to your shape. Have a small waist? Why not invest in a coat with a belt to accentuate this. Have a boyish figure? A long tailored coat is your best bet.

4Tip 4: Think of all occasions

Whilst that red and blue print coat may look super jazzy with your  black jeans, remember it might not go with everything. Try and find a winter coat that is versatile and can take you through a myriad of occasions.

5Tip 5: Make sure there are pockets

Whilst pockets might seem unnecessary when you’re trying a coat on in a shop and LOVE the style, when it’s snowy outside and your hands are biting cold and there’s nowhere to tuck them, you will be rueing that fateful purchase. Plus they’re great for storing your gloves and lipbalm too!

Which is your top winter coat buying tip? Let us know in the comments below…


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