Think you have a good appetite? See how you survive against these Brighton food challenges…

Lets admit it, we all have a friend who says they would love to have a go at Adam Richman’s man vs food! But could your friend really defeat the food challenges set or are their heads bigger than their bellies? Why not set them up for a challenge and cheer them on with one (or all) of these five Brighton food challenges…

From a 72oz steak to a burger with a disclaimer form, you are going to need to be wearing your loosest pair of trousers, have a towel prepared to mop that forehead and a glass of milk for some of these challenges! Some are spicy, some are down right unbelievable but they are all a gut-wrenching challenge! If these food challenges in the US can be completed, the food challenges in the UK certainly can! So good luck, try your best and do it for Brighton!

1Burger Challenge – Alcampo Lounge

Alcampo Brighton Food Challange

Our question to you for this one is – how much do you love a burger? Enough that you could destroy a burger with: chipotle mayo, pickled chilli, a fried egg, flat mushrooms, a potato omelette, back bacon, cheddar, 2 6oz burgers, grilled chorizo, caramelised onion, chimichurri, hash browns, double fries, and garlic bread with cheese? All within a 30-minute time limit so you can have it for free! Yes? Well then, we think that’s a challenge accepted! So get yourself down there and earn yourself a pic on the winner’s wall and a free drink. Fail and suffer the consequence of a £24.70 bill and a bad case of the food sweats!

Alcampo Lounge, Brighton
84-86 London Road,
Phone: 01273 693288

2Triple Chili Challenge – Meat Liquor

Meat Liquor Brighton Food Challenge

What’s your appetite like for chilli? It better be good! For this one you are going to need to finish a green chili burger, a chilidog and chilli fries all in the space of 10 minute to receive it for free. Don’t worry, you will have the support of your friends and the staff as they gather round and cheer you on to finish within the designated time. (Without vomiting!) We would say get the beers on, but they are only going to make you fuller!

Meat Liquor, Brighton
120 St George’s Road,
22 – 23 York Place,
Phone: 01273 917710

372oz / 2kg of rump steak (plus chips) challenge – The Old Bank

The Old Bank Brighton Food Challenge

We all love a good steak but 72oz of one is rather a challenge! Priced at £79.95 or free if you can succeed, you must finish the steak and the chips in under 45 minutes to complete this challenge. Fail and the profits are donated to the Rockinghorse Appeal, a local Sussex charity dedicated to improving the lives of sick children. Please note, they only do one steak challenge per day and need 24 hour’s notice to prepare. This is the most pricey out of the other Brighton food challenges but your money is donated to charity!

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120 St George’s Road,
Kemptown Village,
BN2 1EA,
Phone: 01273 682200

4Big Daddy Burger Challenge – Smokeys

Smokeys Brighton Food Challenge

One burger not enough for you? Still hungry! Well is a burger made of 28oz of beef, pulled pork, onion rings, cheese and of course a giant bun with fries and their homemade coleslaw good enough? Add a milkshake to finish off the meal and you have your Brighton food challenge. It’s not for the faint hearted so make sure you are prepared! And if you are not, we are sure your friends will have a good laugh!
124 Kings Road
Phone: 01273 32388

5XXX Chilli burger challenge – Burger Off

Burger off Brighton Food Challenge
Their biggest burger yet – Do you prefer quantity or heat?

When you have to be over 18 and sign a disclaimer before eating a burger you know it’s going to be a challenge. Coming in at seven to nine million on the Scoville scale, this extremely hot burger will have you dunking your head in a bowl of milk to sooth the pain! Feeling brave enough? Go on we dare you… P.S Not very good with heat? They have also made a very impressively sized burger for you to try, just look at the photo above for proof!

Burger Off, Brighton
52 Brunswick Street,
Phone: 01273 326655

Have you taken on any of these Brighton food challenges? Did you succeed? Let us know in the comment box below…


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