The takeaway we’ve all been waiting for with Wanderlust Wine – Wine on Demand…

We’ve all been there, Friday night after a long week and you could really do with a glass of your favourite wine, but alas the cupboards are empty, wine rack bare and fridge looking lonely. The last thing you want after that 5:30 meeting and long commute is to head back outside to the shop to grab a bottle. And from now on – you won’t have to! Introducing Wanderlust Wine – Wine on Demand…

wanderlust wine wine on demand

Wine on Demand gives wine lovers the flexibility to order quality wines, with delivery to your door within an hour of ordering. Wanderlust Wine are the first wine merchant to offer this service in a thirsty first for the capital and something we are sure will be favoured by many.

Not only that, but it also solves problems such as if you’re heading to a friends party and forgot to pick up a bottle on the way, or if you’re just looking to try something new and don’t know where to start. All the wines are sourced directly to offer better value and at a fairer price to the artisan producers. They are all made sustainably, featuring organically farmed, biodynamic and vegan wine selections. Wanderlust Wine also has a clear ethos on transparent pricing for its customer.

wanderlust wine wine on demand

Founder Richard Ellison comments: “This represents a significant step up from what is currently available to Londoners – we only charge a small £2 premium for the convenience versus the 35% fees which other London delivery companies charge to vendors, which is then passed on to the consumer. Ordering direct through us, as actual wine merchants, means there is more in it for the producer and consumer. At the end of the day this is about Wanderlust Wine providing amazing quality wines at fair prices at any time of the day, 7 days a week.”

wanderlust wine wine on demand

Ellison hopes the service can turn those forgetful moments into thoughtful gestures. Order the wine you want when you want, whether on your way to a dinner party and; mid-way through a dinner party and you find yourself running out of fizz, enjoying a night in and don’t want to leave the comfort of the sofa to get more wine; or surprising loved ones with a last-minute birthday gift.

You can order directly from the Wanderlust Wine website by simply selecting the ‘Wine on Demand’ banner or product category, which will display the curated range of wines available by the hour. The Wine on Demand service will be available 7 days a week, taking orders from 9am to 10.30pm via


For full delivery T&C’s please visit:


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