Think light up dancefloors combined with a systematic workout that is just as fun as it is tiring and you have Prama…

What is Prama

Prama is a new full-body workout that launched in Spain and has since taken over New York, Germany and Dubai. It is a forty-five minute circuit class that is simple yet effective, combining basic moves such as squats, ball slams and lunges.

Why is it different

Instead of an instructor shouting at you to change to a new position, it uses interactive flooring and flashing lights to tell you of your new move. It works by a computer which sets different levels at each section of a touch sensitive floor featuring numbers, patterns and grids enabling those of all fitness levels to exercise at the same time, at a pace most suited to their ability and fitness level. Prama exercise class

What does it use

It is a mix of using your own body weight, resistance bands, gym balls and bosu balls – targeting everything from your strength to your stamina, to your core balance.

How many calories can it burn

It is claimed that you can burn around 1,000 calories in just 45 minutes, making it much more appealing than a treadmill!Prama exercise class

Who is it for

Everyone and anyone! Prama prides itself on being an exercise for the family. It’s a great chance to get everyone together and do something that is both fun and good for you at the same time.

What they say:

“No treadmills. No rower. No exercise bike. PRAMA looks like a crossover between an arcade game and a playground. Designed for training strength, speed, agility, mobility, power and more, it is easily adapted to all audiences, which was our intention.”

Marcos Requena, CEO Pavigym

Find out more

To find out more information about Prama check out their website here


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