Make Dry January that bit easier with our top alcohol-free alternative drinks…

The festive period is over and it’s the time to say goodbye to day-long snacking and midday prosecco drinking (because, hey, it’s Christmas) and hello to detox. For those of you are doing Dry January, we have some delicious recipes to make it that bit easier. Here’s our top alcohol-free alternatives…

Agua Frescas at Ella Canta

Dry January Mocktail Ideas

Mexican drink Agua Frescas is usually had before food as a palate cleanser, but can also be enjoyed throughout an evening and is an ideal alternative for Dry January. Ella Canta have a whole range of delicious non-alcoholic offerings including Prehispanic Lemonade with lemon, agave, syrup and chia seeds and Coconut Rose and Lychee water with fresh lychee and nectar, lime and coconut.

Mocktails at Margot

Dry January Mocktail Ideas

Margot Restaurant in London aims to prove Dry January does not not to be boring, with their range of mocktails designed to be just as special as their alcoholic counterparts. This include Felicitá; a fruity combination of mixed berries, pomegranate, cranberry and lemon, and Mr Greene; a refreshing mix of cucumber juice, apple, agave syrup and lime.

Yeotonics and Yeotinis at Yeotown Kitchen

Dry January Mocktail Ideas
Photo by Guy Harrop

Yeotown Kitchen, London’s first mindfulness café is serving up deliciously nutritious food and an array of non-alcoholic beverages for you to enjoy. From ‘Yeotonics’ to ‘Yeotinis’ all with uplifting names, they’re the perfect alternative if you’re going dry this January. In a serene environment, you are invited to sip their delicious drinks, settle into a meditation pod, select a 5 to 7-minute guided mindfulness meditation, and emerge feeling refreshed and de-stressed.

Toxin-free tipples at Redemption Bar

Dry January Mocktail Ideas
Credit: Claire Menary

Redemption Bar is London’s only vegan, sugar-free, wheat-free and alcohol-free restaurant, and is serving up a whole host of delicious mocktails. From their apple mockjito (muddled apple presse, fresh mint and lime, served over crushed ice and topped up with soda water) to their activated charcoal martini (toxin-grabbing activated charcoal shaken with fresh lemon and maple syrup and topped with aquafaba), there’s plenty of delicious, alcohol-free alternatives to try.

Detox Mocktail at Conrad’s Blue Boar Bar

Dry January Mocktail Ideas

If you’re on the lookout for a drink that is an alcoholic alternative and also the perfect detox after the indulgent festive period, look no further than the Detox Mocktail at Conrad’s Blue Boar Bar. Sweetened with elderflower, lime juice and a dash of ginger syrup it’s a refreshing and delicious substitute to a regular cocktail during dry january.


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